Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Homemade Assorted Bread - TM


Been a while haven bake bread buns so having my hands at them again! My gal has a special feeling for BBQ sauce so I made 3 BBQ sauce sausage buns for her! The rest were roll into sausage buns and thankfully this round all were nicely sealed!

Going for 2nd proofing after shaping them. Waiting patiently. And I cant wait to smell the bread baking 😍

Love how soft the texture is! So easy and convenient to make bread, just the lazy butt refuses to move! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Black Glut Rice Dessert - H&C

So my gal requested for this dessert as has been a while since I made these for them. Decided to let it cook in H&C as I was busy with preparing lunch. 

Just dump all in and let it cook. Even cornstarch added in during the process of cooking. So save time and ‘supervision’ and most important on the stirring. Hurray!

A short video of the cooking process and how I love the pre-clean function that makes cleaning up effortlessly. 

Black Glut Rice Dessert
1/2 ricebowl black glut rice, washed and soaked overnight
1200ml water
Honey rock sugar to taste

1) Put soaked black glut rice into H&C glass jar
2) Fill water up to 1200ml marking
3) Select cook, high mode and let it cook for 30mins
4) Stop and add rock sugar then let it resume cooking
5) Gradually add in cornstarch thru the top opening
Serve warm or chilled

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Dinner in 30mins - Thermomix

Simple dinner in 30mins only a lazy weekend night. 30mins to stir fry my veg and chicken in my thermomix while i steam both my rice and otah in my Ninja. 

I stirfry the veg then jus use it straight for the chicken dish. So easy and just dumped it in! Do a preclean and so easy to clean up!

Ginger Sliced Chicken
2 Chicken leg, sliced
Ginger slices
2tbsp Oyster sauce
2tbsp Dark soy sauce
1tbsp Hua tiao
1/4 cup Water
1tbsp Sesame oil

1) Marinate chicken slices in huatiao for 30mins
2) Add ginger slices, sesame oil 
3mins, 120deg, reverse spoon
3) Add chicken slice, dark soy sauce
10mins, 120deg, reverse spoon
4) While it is cooking, add oyster sauce followed by hua tiao at the last 2-3mins

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Brinjal w/Minced meat & Tau Kwa


Simple comfort meal. Kids love the sauce over their rice 😍
Cripsy taukwa without oil splattering, using the Ninjafoodi. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» 

Along with my ‘disfigured’ Miso cod fish steam, so yummy! And yes, I scoop some of minced meat taukwa sauce over the boiled brocolli. 😍

A simple video of the steps to prepare this dish

Brinjal w/Minced meat & Tau Kwa
1 brinjal
2 tau kwa
200g minced meat
1/3 cup water
2tbsp oyster sauce
2tbsp dark soy sauce

1) Cut tau kwa into cubes and aircrisp in ninja. 
180deg x 10 each sides
2) Add garlic clove
Turbo 2s
3) Add 1 tbsp cooking oil and minced meat
5mins 120deg reverse spoon
4) Add in sauces, taukwa and brinjal
5mins, 120deg, reverse spoon

Stirfry Udon - Thermomix

Totally loving the thermomix cooking lunches or quick meals. 

I love the preclean function cos after the cooking, i get burn marks at the bottom of the bowl. Tis helps me get my meals fix quick and easier to wash after! 

Stirfry Udon
3pkts Udon
Jap Fishcake
2-3clove garlic
2Tbsp oyster sauce
2Tbsp dark soy sauce
1Tbsp mirin
1/4 cup water
1Tbsp olive oil

1) Add garlic into mixing bowl
Turbo 2s
2) Add in cooking oil
3mins, 100deg, reverse spoon
3) Add in fish cakes, sauces and water. Add udon in
(midway i open up and toss the udon)
5mins, 100deg, reverse spoon

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Stirfry French Beans w/Minced meat


Lately fallen in love with Thermomix’s stirfry vegetables. The vegetables stays green, crunchy and so yummy. Even my gal says it taste better. Recording all the different stirfry for my gal’s future reference.

Our simple dinner for tonite 😍 Have you had your dinner yet? 

Attached below is the cooking video πŸ˜‰

Stirfry french beans w/minced meat
1pkt French beans
100g minced meat
3clove garlic
Fish sauce
1tbsp cooking oil

1) Add garlic in mixing bowl. Insert measuring cup.
Turbo 2s
2) Add in cooking oil and minced meat
5mins, 120deg, reverse spoon
3) Add in french beans. Halfway cooking, drizzle in fish sauce
5mins, 120deg, reverse spoon
4) Serve warm

Monday, June 21, 2021

Baked Sushi Rice


So much rave about baked sushi rice. Decided to make some for my kids. Ran out of cucumbers so I added tomatoes for them! Topped it off with mozerella as well, cheesy baked sushi rice! 

Very easy to assemble and so easy to prep for a meal. Esp on lazy afternoons or nights. Seaweed and sushi rice, never go with my kids. They totally adore! 

Along with some moopings and breaded crabsticks, a simple dinner is ready! 😍

Baked Sushi Rice
1.5cup cooked sushi rice
2sachet of seaweed toppings mix (any korean or jap brand is fine)
2-3Tbsp of furikake
1Tbsp sesame oil

Rice toppings:
Salmon slices (marinate in 1tbsp mirin, 1tsp lemon juice, 1tbsp jap soy sauce)
mozerella cheese

1) Stir toppings into cooked sushi rice til evenly mixed
2) Press sushi rice firmly onto baking pan (I used disposable rectangle foil)
3) Top it off with marinated salmon slices
4) Spread mozerella cheese, followed by mayonaise
5) Put rice onto pot and baked at 160deg x 8-10mins
Serve with seaweed. Enjoy! 

Friday, June 18, 2021

Stirfry BB Kailan - TM


Because I had spicy mala rice cakes, the secondborn says he want it too. No choice, added to my stirfry kailan for him and he keeps on ‘Thank you Mummy’ 😍

Easy steps and its so yummy.. Recording more recipes for my gal so she can probably learn some cooking skills to feed us. 

And dinner is served πŸ˜‹

Stirfry BB Kailan 
1pk BB Kailan
100g minced meat
1Tbsp Oyster sauce
1/4 cup water
1Tbsp cooking oil
garlic & shallots

1) Put garlic and shallot in mixing bowl
Turbo 2s
2) Scrap down. Add cooking oil and minced meat
5mins, 110, reverse spoon
3) Add veg, water, seasonings (rice cake added at this step too)
4mins, 100, reverse spoon
4) Enjoy

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Mala Xiang Guo - TM


Been craving for mlxg (mala xiang guo) for a while and lazy to cook as only me and hub eats it. But the crave gets too much so I decided to as my lil helper to cook it while I busy with the kids dishes. 

All it took was barely 15mins and I jus use whatever I can dig frm my fridge and add wat I love to eat. Added some shabu, sausages, rice cakes and veg. Yums! 

This is my fav mala sauce. 🀀

Lovely dinner tonite 😍

Mala Xiang Guo
2Tbsp Mala Paste (pic as attached, I got it frm Yue Hwa)
1/3 cup of water
1Tbsp cooking oil
garlic slices
pork shabu

1) Add oil to mixing bowl. Put in garlic and mushrooms. Cover with lid
5mins, 100deg, reverse spoon
2) Add in all remaining ingredients and water. Cover with lid
5mins, 100deg, reverse spoon 
3) Do a quick stir and cover back with lid. (Add more water if needed, I didnt)
3mins, 120deg, reverse spoon
4) Dish out and serve
5) To wash. Add a small drip of dishwashing liquid, 1 bowl of water. 
Pre-clean mode, universal

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Fish maw & Pig stomach Soup

Loving the soup! So sweet even tho I didnt add any seasoning. I think it came frm the dried scallops mainly and from the ingredients inside! 

Thankful for a group member sharing a whatsapp sharing chat, i follow briefly and cook my own version of this soup. A good way to use up my pig stomach and fish maw! This vietnam fish maw that I bidded online is yummy. Grandma gave thumbs up. Would have added red dates if I had. 

Fish maw & Pig stomach soup
1L water
8-10 dried scallops, soaked
3pcs fish maw
300g pig stomach
250g pork ribs
1 carrot
1pk fishballs
1thick slice ginger
1 garlic
Handful Wolveberries 

1) Blanch and wash pork ribs and pig stomach.
2) Put all ingredients into pot except fishball, carrots and wolveberries. Sautemode Med/Hi for 2hrs.
3) Add carrots and put steam rack to steam rice x15mins
4) Remove lid and replace with pressure cook lid, pressure cook x10mins (to soften pig stomach and ribs further)
5) Natural release x10mins, quick release if still have pressure. Sautemode high, add in fishballs and wolveberries.
Serve warm!