Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Another new recipe for direct bread method

Made another new variation of whole-grain bread, original recipe adapt from Carol's blog - Small Cheese bread. I made some variation as I need to make whole-grain for hubby as a healthier alternative for his diet. So I will always make amendments to all bread or cakes recipes to make it not so 'sinful' for him to eat.
Today I make them into small round buns and spur of moment as I saw another blogger using cookie  cutter to cut bread, I decided to cut into elephants and mickey shapes for my 2 lil ones. Effort not wasted as they simply loves it. Its an idea for me to keep in view for children partys. Great!!
Used some chocolate chips to deco the bread, edible sugar sprinkles as well. So here is my version of the bread.
Whole-grain Cheese Bread (**i omit the egg)
80g Whole-grain Flour
60g Plain Flour
60g Bread Flour
1tsp yeast
30g Sugar
100ml milk
30g Canola Olive Margarine

1) Mix all dry ingredients, add 1/2 of the milk
2) Continue to add milk til dough is form
3) Add Butter and knead til pass window test
4) Proof 1hr or til doubled in size
5) Roll out dough and cut into desired shapes (**i used the balanced for the round buns)
6) Brush with milk. Bake at 190deg for 20-25mins


carol said...

thanks for your sharing~

yeansuan said...

Just wonder whether this recipe can b baked as toast instead?

Priscilla said...

Yeansuan, I have not tried baking this in a loaf. Perhaps u can try n let me know. If not there are other loaf recipes tt u can try?