Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Chocolate Ganache and Chocolate Sponge w/Strawberry Cake

My younger sis requested for me to guide her in baking a heart-shaped cake for her hubby's birthday. Kinda worried I can't do a good job as she is comparing with Awfully Chocolate. Oops.. I suggested to put Nutella spread in between the layers, topped with strawberry and then cover with chocolate ganache. At the same time, I also baked 1 more mini cake as I am so infatuated with my new mini tin. Ha~

First, wanna try out the cake as she is bringing home to cut. Secondly, I wanna try to tweak the sponge recipe a little and bake a chocolate sponge out of it. And so, I can have a soft and fluffy chocolate sponge recipe on hand too.. 

The cake is bittersweet from the coco powder even though I didn't reduce any sugar. And it is soft, goes well with the strawberry filling and chocolate ganache. Very light and not too heavy as Awfully Chocolate. Definetely can go for a 2nd serving. I hope my sis will like the cake.. =) And for a 1st timer, someone who doesn't bake, the deco is considered good right.

Chocolate Sponge (adapted from prev post)
*Baked a mini heart-shaped and mini cake, plus a cuppie
4 yolks
87g Top Flour *I use Cake Flour
47g Oil
53g Milk
10g sugar

4 whites
87g Sugar

1) Using chiffon method

Chocolate Ganache (adapted from Joyofbaking)
227g Bittersweet Chocolate, chopped
189ml heavy whipping cream
28g unsalted butter

1) Melt all above, just about to boil and pour over center of cake
2) Slowly scrap ganache to cover whole cake. Leave to set.

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