Wednesday, October 29, 2014

40min Bread - Version II

I previously tried this recipe before and quite like it. Fast, simple n soft. Today I am trying the version from Domestic Goddess as I noticed some variations in the amount of ingredients used. Quite curious to know how it would differ for the end product.

I am making 10x buns with Salmon mayo filling, 2x with shredded cheeses filling, balance into a simple Cheese braid. The buns are 40g each. I did oiled my hands as per sugg by Domestic Goddess n indeed it is easier to shape them.

I did the taste test once it cool down. I personally feel this is softer, no yeast taste n nicer than prev version. Perhaps of the oiling of hands? Not too sure myself either. But do try, it's a simple n fast recipe... Tell me your opinions after trying too..

40min Bread (adapted from Domestic Goddess)
280ml Warm Water
83ml Oil
56g Sugar
15g Yeast
476g Flour, I added 20g more as it was slightly sticky
9g Salt, I used 6g
1 Egg

1) Mix warm water, oil, sugar n yeast. Leave for 15min.
2) Mixture will be frothy, add remaining ingredients n mix for 5mins. 
3) Shape and bake for 30mins or til golden brown.