Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cough Remedy - China Pear w/Nan Bei Xing *edited June 15

My son has been coughing non-stop since last week, Thursday I think. The medicine from the GP doesn't work and I just brought him again to GP yday but I just feel that the phlegm is still a lot. Too bad that he doesn't know how to spit out thus he is taking ages to recover.

Happen to chanced upon the china pear at NTUC today and so hubby asked to buy and brew some for him. I browse the net to search for the recipe and to see if I can boil it, instead of steaming it. Ultimately all the recipes seems to be steaming but I still went ahead to boil it. It took me about 30mins for that small 1/2 cup of goodness. 

China Pear w/Nan Bei Xing
1 China Pear
1 Spoonful Nan Bei Xing
1-2 small pc of Rock Sugar
1 Cup Water

1) Wash and cut pear. Put all ingredients and bring to boil.
2) Simmer for 20-30mins til pear soften. Serve warm.

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