Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bento day

So inspired to make Bento meal for Irisa after being 'tempted' by AK in my Facebook group. Her 'pretty' meals for her girl really make me drool and so want to do it for Irisa. So I ordered some Bento cutter yesterday from Taobao, now waiting for them patiently and ran to Serangoon Nex - King & King Wong to get a Bear Bento Box, NTUC to get a PRINCESS Bento Box. Oh my, she is so SPOILT!! Anyway, I hope to be able to make a nicer creation when the cutter comes in. And i really need to wreck my brain for what side dishes to go along for her bento and also suitable for us, adults. Sounds like my backside itchy right??
These are the 2 Bento Boxes that I have gotten for her, the Bear if it last long enuf, I can double up for Rayshon when he can self-feed. Cute right? And why princess? Cos Irisa says she is a Princess!

Just a simple meal with meatballs w/corn & carrot, egg omelette, tomato w/potato served with porridge. So if you need the recipe of the steamed meatballs, here it is.
Steamed Meatballs
100g Minced Meat (Can be chix, pork or mixture)
1Tbsp Sesame Oil
1Tbsp Lt Sauce
1Tbsp Cornflour
Dash of pepper
Diced Carrots and frozen corns
Stir to mix well, add in carrots and corns.
Shaped into balls
Put on plate and steam for 5-10mins.
I hope I can come up with nicer Bento for her as i practise hard. Night people.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Failed Panda-Lookalike Bread

 Yes, my failed Panda-lookalike Bread. Supposed to have that Panda pattern from the above pic, but i lazy to refer to the steps and did it based on my estimation. Ended doing it totally wrong and ended up with a 'checkered' bread pattern. So sad. But to total it up, the Hokkaido Milk Bread still never fail me in the taste and texture.

Local cusine experiment

Decided to be adventurous yesterday and made Fried Oyster (Ah ma's style), Black & White Carrot Cake. Got the recipe from Munch Ministry from some kind souls who is willing to share the recipes.
Fried Oyster

White Carrot Cake

Black Carrot Cake
I varied the Fried Oyster from the recipe in Munch Ministry a bit to find my 'Grandma's taste'. I added Fishcake Strips & Prawn cubes instead of Oyster. And i did not use the Grounded Ingredients but used Fish Gravy like my Grandma to flavour it. But then, Happycall was good cos it was not oily after frying it and spared me from the messy cleaning up. But it lack the 'black wok' flavour if you know what I meant.
As for the Carrot cake, i cheated and used the Ready-made carrot cake and split into 2 types. But I didnt add Chai Po cos i ran out of it and as for the White version, i omit the Sweet Sauce, and i replaced the Light Soy Sauce with Fish gravy. =)
Fried Oyster (Recipe adapted from MunchMinistry)
20-30 fresh oysters (small ones)
110g sweet potato flour
250ml water
1 tsp salt (or to taste)
2 large eggs
2 tbsp chopped spring onions
1 tbsp chopped chives
4 tbsp oil
Ground ingredients (combine well using blender or mortar& pestle)
3 cloves garlic
2 shallots
1 tbsp chilli paste (I used Glory’s Nonya Sambal)
1/2 tbsp coriander pwd (Can be found in most spice sections in supermkts)
A dash of pepper
Soak oysters in water.
Mix sweet potato flour, salt and water into a thin runny batter and leave aside. (Batter should be very runny as it thickens while cooking)
Heat oil in a non-stick wok or pan until very hot (medium heat).
Scoop out two ladles of batter onto the wok.
Give a quick stir and let the batter form a thin crust and then, crack in the eggs one at a time. Stir quickly, then push cooked batter to the side of pan.
Add 2 tbsp oil to the other side of pan, add ground ingredients and saute well. Add in oysters. Cook for a minute and combine the egg and sweet potato flour batter together with the oysters.
Add pepper and sprinkle with chopped spring onions and chives. Give it a stir then dish out and serve with chilli garlic sauce.
**i replaced oyster with fishcakes and prawns**

Another mission I had today was cooking Stew Pork with Tau Pok, Tau Kwa, Quail Eggs. I marinate them overnight and cook the very next day, with the marinate and added 2 cup of water to boil and simmer.
Stew Pork
Stew Pork Recipe (for 2-3 Pax)
1 Plate of Pork Belly (NTUC type)
1 Plate of Twee Bah (NTUC type)
1 Box of Quail Eggs
1 Box of Tau Pok
1 Pkt of Tau Kwa
2 Cups of water
Marinate - 2Tbsp Oyster Sauce, 3Tbsp Premium Soy Sauce, 1 Tbsp Light Soy Sauce, Dash of pepper & Corn Flour
1) Marinate the above meat with marinate overnight or at least 30mins
2) Put above with marinate and add 2 Cups of water to boil, simmer til meat is 70% tender
3) Add in cooked quail eggs, tau pok, tau kwa

Simple right? It is yummilicious!! And good to go with a bowl of plain rice. U can add  more water if the water dries up, and add a bit more dark sauce for taste.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

More bakes - Breads, Cakes

Am so hooked on updating my blogs and dying to try more recipes since I have the time so that I can keep all the good recipes that I have tried or at least I can archive those I have tried before so I can always refer back when I needed them in future. I baked a Strawberry Cream Cheese Chiffon Cake by replacing some ingredients from the original recipe on friday afternoon for my relatives. Rested on saturday as last min had some appointments. So today had a mini spring clean for Hubby's work room, shifted a bit, clean up the hse and baked a Butter Cake and Pai Bao (Hongkong Sweet Buns) that is on my to-do list. Hahhaa..
Strawberry Cream Cheese Chiffon
 Personally, I find it a tad too dense and heavy, not really like the previous chiffon texture that I got. I wonder if i over-mix or somewhere went wrong. Anyway it used half Plain flour and Cake flour, so cld that be a reason? As for the recipe, I took out Banana and the Semi sweet choc and replaced it with chopped strawberry instead. Maybe I should try it again next time and follow the recipe exactly.
Basic Butter Cake

Basic Butter Cake - close up
I simply love this Butter cake, it is light and moist. So buttery and my hubby loves it. I think both my kids love it too. Gonna give some to my lovely neighbour for their supper or breakfast tommorrow. Let's share the 'fats', she always says..
Sweet Buns - in strips

Sweet Buns - round

Sweet bun - texture
I have always put this after the Hokkaido Milk Loaf for my next bakes. And i simply love the smell. Today i tried without the egg wash and see if it can stay soft longer and not have a hard outer case. The texture inside was soft. Yummy. Planning to make Pork Chop buns tommorrow..

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Simple Meal & Bread making again

Today was alone with 2 toddlers and have an urge to bake, need to settle their lunch and also to think of what's for dinner. So I decided to cook simple lunch and dinner. Wanted to bake with Tang Zhong that I prepared day before and keep inside the fridge, so that I can know if I can make a bit more whenever i made a batch for my breads. I realised this method really yields a much softer, fluffy bread.
Lunch was simple fried bee hoon, I fry with oyster sauce, simmer and added a bit of pepper. It was so yummy that my little boy had a bowl, my older gal had 2 bowls. And i finish up the balance with her at 3pm for tea break again. Yummy.
Fried Bee Hoon
Bunch of White Japanese Mushroom 
Bunch of Bean Sprout
5 Fishballs, cut into slices
2 ricebowl of Thick Bee Hoon
2 Tbsp Oyster Sauce
Dash of pepper
1/2 Cup Water

Fry garlic in olive oil til fragrant.
Add in mushroom, bean sprout, fishball and fry til cooked
Add in bee hoon, mix well
Add oyster sauce, water and pepper
Simmer for 5 mins

side view of today bake

fluffy and soft texture
Assorted bread using Tanzhong
Again, I used the Hokkaido Milk Loaf recipe again. This round I twisted the recipe and added 1 tsp of Chocolate Essence and 2 Tbsp of Chocolate Chips to half the dough. I played with colour for the other half and added pink to create the swirls. Yes, it was soft and yummy. Ended up couldnt resist and making another batch of assorted bread with the same recipe. It was yummy as well. Next of my list, I gonna try the Pai Pau recipe from Christine.
Pan Fried Lemon Pepper Salmon
Got this idea from 1 of my Facebook friend. Saw her pics and she taught me this. Marinate the salmon with pepper, lemon juice and salt. Coat with corn flour and pan fried with just enough oil to fry it. It was yummy. Love it.
That's the end of my long post. I hope my family love whatever I have prepared today. And yes, i made another batch of ice cream today. Chocolate flavour again, added 1 tsp of peppermint to try Peppermint Chocolate. Yumm. Will update when it's ready after i taste it. As for the orginal chocolate ice cream, it goes so well with the Milk Loaf above..

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bread, Ice Cream & Laksa

Today had a very happy day cos it was the very first time I managed to bake such a soft and fluffly bread. I tried this Hokkaido Milk Bread from Christine's Recipes, made Chocolate and Strawberry (I modified it from Home-made Mango recipe) Ice Cream from Wokking Mum and Laksa for dinner using Gourmet Home Laksa Premix.
All was compliments, except for the Strawberry Ice Cream that didnt managed to meet my hubby's expectation. Fortunately the Chocolate did managed to 'pass' in some ways. Bread, almost finishing with just enough for some snacking before the little ones' bedtime and then for breakfast tommorrow. I am so gonna bake them again tommorrow.
Top view of Bread

Side View of Bread

The inside of bread

The fluffy-ness

Choc & Strawberry Ice Cream
 I am gonna share the recipe for the Laksa above.
1 pkt of Gourmet Home Laksa Premix
1 Cup of chopped dried shrimps
1 Tbsp of Sambal Chilli
1 Cup of Fresh Milk
2 Cups of water
1 tsp garlic
1 tsp Olive Oil
(u can see what ingredients u like. I use cockles, hard boiled egg, tau pok and fish cake.

Heat oil in pot, fry garlic til fragrant
Add sambal, choppped dried shrimps & premix
Add in water and boil
Add in ingredients of your choice
Add in milk after soup boils and taste. Leave aside
In a seperate pot, scald thick bee hoon, bean sprout. Leave aside
In a bowl, wash cockles and drain. Boil hot water, pour over and immediately pour away.
De-shell and leave aside.
After done, put bee hoon, bean sprout and ingredients nicely. Pour gravy over and serve with Laksa leaves.
Its really yummy but u need that extra dried shrimp and sambal to add flavour. If not its a bit 'light. With all the added flavours, hubby commented that it is nicer than those selling outside and no need go out eat Laksa anymore. So flattered. And for the bread, I am so making them again tommorrow and it will be a recipe for myself to keep for a soft loaf.. Happy cooking and enjoy.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Today's Bakes - Chiffon & Cakes

After failing many times with cakes during the time when I just gotten my Kitchenaid, I sort of just threw myself into making nice adn yummy breads for my hubby and kids that I seldom read up or even try any cakes recipes. So lately, I have went back into baking cakes and ok, the most difficult for myself to overcome - CHIFFON CAKES! And I am so glad cos i finally made it. SUCCESS!!
Close up - Pandan Chiffon

Close up - Chammomile Chiffon

The little cute Chiffon
So I used 2 recipes, Pandan Coconut Chiffon Cake and Berry Tea Chiffon Cake. I followed the recipe for the Pandan Coconut but amended the Berry Tea Chiffon Cake to Chamomile Chiffon Cake. Here is the amendments I have made.
Chamomile Chiffon Cake (originated from Berry Tea Chiffon Cake)
3 Egg Yolks
15g Caster Sugar (i used fine sugar)
1/4tsp Salt
40g Veg Oil (i use Olive)
3 bags of Chamomile Tea
60g Hot Water
75g Cake Flour (i use Top Flour)
3 Egg White
65g Caster Sugar (i use 50g fine sugar)
1/4 tsp Cream of Tartar
Preheat oven to 170deg. Sift Flour and set aside
Cut the tea bags, pour tea leaf into a cup.
Pour hot water into it and leave it aside to cool.
With a hand whisk, whisk egg yolk, salt and sugar together.
Add oil, tea together with the tea leaf residue and flour into the egg yolk batter.
Whisk until well combined. 
Use a cake mixer, whisk the egg whites and cream of tartar till frothy.
Gradually add in sugar and whisk till stiff peaks form.
Fold in 1/4 of the meringue into the egg yolk mixture until combined.
Then fold in the rest of the meringue in two portions lightly until well combined.
Lastly fold in the cranberry.
Pour batter into a 20cm tube pan, smooth the surface.
Place pan into a preheated oven and bake for 35-40mins
I gave 1 to my lovely neighbour and 1 for ourself, planning for tomorrow's breakfast. Ended up became hubby's afternoon tea. Haha.. Ended up baking another item on my 'to-do-list'.. Oreo Buttercake. Oh, its yummy and of cos, i gave a few slices to my neighbour. How not to share the goodness. I really seriously recommend you to try it if u have the time. Its yummy. I, whom do not really eat my own bakes, i also like it.

Late Night supper
Final product

Anyway, I didnt have any yogurt so I made some modifications. It taste but then, not too sure about the original recipe's taste cos I have not tried before but def, will try it when free. Here's the list:
225g cake flour (or Top Flour)
1 tsp baking powder
½ tsp baking soda
½ tsp salt
85g unsalted butter, cut into pieces
170g sugar
2 eggs, beaten
1 cup(240ml) whipping cream
1 tsp lemon zest
1 tsp vanilla essence
80g Oreo cookies, roughly crushed

Monday, March 19, 2012

Bread with TangZhong Method (Roux)

Before 'tanning'

Mayo Cheese & Choc Buns

End products
Last min decision on sunday to make some bread with Tang Zhong method as my Facebooj friends are saying that these are softer. So there I am clearing up after lunch aftermath and preparing the ingredients for Bread. 1st attempt on Tang Zhong so was kinda nervous and excited.
Anyway, end results is not bad, softer. But i prefer the 'short cut' method with the Cake Flour as per my previous post for Assorted Breads. But since hubby isnt so into the breads this round, i think i gonna start trying more variances.
Recipe adapted from Assorted Handmade bread

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lazy Sunday Lunch - Cream Sauce Pasta

Had a fulfilling saturday as I went for Coffee early with my hubby and little ones and also with Grandma, grab a pressie for Hubby's fren and I got a cheap buy for a Cardigan at $9.95 and a sleeveless top for $10. Hahaha.. Then came back home, made1 normal Strawberry Swiss Roll and 2 small Nutella Swiss Roll. Final verdict, Strawberry still the best for Hubby's taste bud and Nutella taste alright to me. And I have been having the 'deco' frenzy and experimenting with all different designs. And yes, I got myself a new colour - BLUE (i already have PINK, YELLOW, GREEN). Here are some of the pics..

strawberry & nutella
 As for sunday, with hubby need to catch up on some work stuff, so no eating out hence more time for him to finish up his work. If early, maybe can be lazy and go out for some dinner and replenish for home groceries. =)
Then i remembered that I have bought the Cooking Cream about a week back and haven got chance to cook as my Grandma doesnt eat creamy food. So since she went for a 'stay-ca-tion' at my sis place so why not? So there I go, went to see what I have in the fridge. And lucky me, I got some white mushrooms, ham and scallops. Ok, I admit, scallops for me and maybe for my little ones. Not so much for hubby as he is not really a seafood person. But I am short of Parmesan Cheese which I have been wanting to buy but seems like NTUC don't carry them anymore.
I have gotten the recipe from this blogger and have been 'bookmarking' it for the longest time and haven gotten to it. Now, I am sharing this yummy recipe and i believe the next attempt with Parmesan Cheese will be even better.
Ham & Mushroom Cream Pasta
Recipe adapted from creamy ham mushroom spaghetti
So after lunch, i am trying out another Bread Recipe from my FB Kakis again. A new method that I haven got the courage to try before - Tang Zhong Method. I hope it wont fail me and I can share with you all here too.. Happy Weekend!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Some catchups on recipes - Tiramisu

My Happycall Group friends, I really don't know how to put it. But they are forever so friendly and willing to share good recipes and good bargains. I really love being in that group cos it gives me insipiration on what to cook, bake everyday.. Can never run out of ideas!! And yes, I got this recipe from Munch Ministry, given by Pauline Wong. Thanks babe, I am loving it but not 'naughty' enough la. Not much of alcohol taste, and need a better coffee. Already gotten some ingredients for 2nd attempt but i simply got too much items Q-ing in my To-Do-List already. HELP!!!
And yes, I forgot to take a pic of the side view when I was eating away. Shall remember to do that when I do the 2nd round with the Eggless Recipe.. Verdict from hubby, he don't really like it. But verdict from my relatives, they are ok with it. Felt so sinful eating it.. Haha.. Guess that's the prob with dessert. So yummy but so sinful!!
Tiramisu (with egg), adapted from Tiramisu

Another Attempt on the 'Artistic' Swiss Roll

Again, hubby out of town and we went out for lunch with the kiddos, la~kopi and the routine of walking 1 round about NTUC. Sometimes really feel like I am becoming an auntie, looking for good bargains, see what is good to cook for my family, and also to stock up on my baking passion.. All the trials and errors, am glad that my family is so supportive to try and give the cold hard truth!!
Today, i decided to try it using Orange Juice from the leftover mandarin, instead of the water that the recipe calls for. And together with the free Orange Jam given when i bought the Strawberry Jam for my next attempt on Strawberry Swiss Roll. Haha, auntie right?? Finally, i succeed!! And i finally know the reason why i failed for the previous 2 times!! The balance batter, into the cupcake cases!!!
The piping for the Heart shapes
Leftover batter into cupcakes

My Finale - with the FOC Orange Jam from NTUC
So where did I get this recipe from? A kind friend in Facebook see me failed miserably for my 1st attempt, gave me this recipe instead. So i modify and changed the exterior design to Pink Hearts instead of the original Zebra stripes.

Moo Print Swiss Roll, adapted from Moooo
Cake Batter:
3 Egg Yolks
15g Sugar (i use 10g)
60ml Water (i tried with Milk, Orange Juice and both turns out ok)
40ml Oil (i use unsalted butter, Olive Oil and both also good)
1tsp Vanilla Essence (omit if u using juices or can replace with other flavour)
80g Cake Flour (i tried with Top Flour and works as well)

3 Egg Whites (i use 4 as I straight scoop out the stiff whites to mix for my piping)
50g Sugar (i used 30g)
1/4 tsp Cream of TarTar

Piping use
2-3Tbsp Batter
1 Egg White (i took from Meringue)
Colourings of your choice (jus a bit will do fine)

Mix the above batter as per order above, I use a hand whisk to whisk well and make sure no lumps
Just make sure you don't over mix
Egg White & Cream TarTar beat til frothy
Add sugar bit by bit, in 3-4 additions
Beat til egg whites can form stiff peaks.
Making the piping for exerior design:
Take out batter in another bowl for piping purpose, add colouring.
Add about 1 scoop of Meringue to above.
Put in piping and pipe your preferred design.
Bake at 170deg for 1 min, or until its 'harden' slighty
For Swiss Roll:
Fold in meringue in 3 additions. Be careful not to overmix or flatten the mixture too much
Pour over piped design and scrap the top flat. Knock 1-2 times and put in oven
Bake at 190deg for 12-15mins.
Prepare whipping cream:
Whip 160g whipping cream with 15g sugar til stiff. (You may add flavourings of your choice)
Let cool before you put the whipping cream.
Wrap in cling film after rolling and let it set in fridge for 30mins.

My simple and quick dinner today

Wanted to end my blog entry with this last blog of my simple dinner, cooked in 30mins together with prep time. Fast enuf, yummy enuf and in time for my hubby before he left the house for his biz trip. And yes, thanks for reminding myself, I so gonna miss him for the next 3 days 2 nights!! =(
Alright, my quick dinner comprises of Sambal Kangkong, Spicy Minced Meat with Sze Chuan Veg, Charsiew Marinated Pork and Belly and Teriyaki Fish Slices.
Sambal Kangkong
2 Tbsp Dried Shrimps
1Tbsp Sambal
1-11/2 Tbsp Fish Gravy (to taste)
20ml Water
1) Heat garlic with oil, add dried shrimps and fry til fragrant
2) Add sambal and mix together
3) Pour in Kangkong and mix well
4) Add fish gravy and water and mix well
5) Ready once all turns dark green

Teriyaki Fish Slices
3Tbsp Teriyaki Sauce
30ml Water
1/2 Slice Sutchi Fillet
1) Marinate Fish with Teriyaki for at least 30mins
2) Heat oil and fry garlic
3) Add in Fish slices and fry well
4) Add water together with the balance marinade and pour into wok
5) Ready once fish meat is easily cut thru

Char Siew Pork and Belly
3Tbsp Char Siew Marinade (Lee Kum Kee brand)
1 Pork Belly
1 Lean Pork
1) Marinate at least 30mins or overnight
2) Wrap up in foil and bake for 30mins
3) Ready when skewer poke thru easily
4) Cut and serve

Spicy Minced Meat with Sze Chuan Veg
5 Chilli Padi, cut
1Tbsp Sugar
2 Tbsp Minced Meat
1 Tomato, sliced
1 Sze Chuan Veg, cut into thin strips (soaked in water for at least half a day)
1) Heat oil with garlic
2) Add Minced Meat and stir well. Add in chilli padi, tomato and sze chuan veg
3) Add a little water, taste. Add sugar and taste.
4) Once tomato is soft, it is ready to serve.

Yes, all done in 30mins. An idea when you wan a fast meal and yummy... Enjoy..

My Craze with Assorted Breads

Assorted Bread Part 1
Assorted Bread Part 2

My craze started when i saw 1 of my Facebook friend baking them. Was so yummilicious from the look and it really makes me so determined to try and bake it for Big & Small Bread Lovers at home. Plus recently, I keep having problems with my normal brad loaf baking that I thought I needed a better recipe or rather, something for a change.
First attempt, as from the pic (Assorted Bread Part 1), I attempted to brush with beaten egg + milk and ended up in a pale yellow shade. Not that appealing but trust me, it was soft, yummy and my family love it.
The next day, I need to make a fresh batch cos it was finishing as everyone was so into the freshly baked and taste wonderful bread. So this time, I brush with jus egg yolk + a lil bit of milk. And yes, it looks so appealing.. The next thing to do is jus to improve on the shaping.
As for the bread texture, it is definetely soft and still SOFT even after a day. But anything more than that, I am not too sure as it always get FINISHED the very next day..
So I will share the recipe here then..
Assorted Breads, adapted from 胚芽玉米麵包 (translate in my interpretation for those who don't read chinese)
270g Bread Flour
30g Cake Flour
1/2 tsp Instant Yeast
30g Sugar (i used 1 Tbsp)
3g Salt (i used 1/2tsp)
1 Egg
150ml Milk (i use HL milk)
30g Animal Oil (i used unsalted butter)

1) Mix all above, except butter into dough (add milk gradually so as not to have a sticky dough)
2) Add butter and continue to knead til dough becomes smooth, elastic
3) Leave to proof in a oiled bowl for 1 hour or til doubled in size
4) Punch out air in dough and transfer to a floured surface
5) Divide them into 8 pieces of approx70g (i divide into 40g), Rest for 15mins
6) Roll dough out and wrap filling of your choice (i did not try the filling as per recipe)
7) Leave to ptoof for 1 hour or until doubled in size
8) Preheat oven at 180 deg, and bake for 16-18min
White Bread loaf (Side View)
White Bead Loaf (inside view)
And i chanced upon this recipe from the same blogger and tried it out. Result = soft even after a day.. Yummy..
San2 Xing4 Bai3 Tu2 Si4 (White Bread Loaf), adapted from 山形白吐司
350g Bread Flour
3/4 tsp Instant Yeast
Olive Oil (any Animal Oil) 20g (i used unsalted butter)
1/2 tsp salt
20g Sugar
220g Ice Water (i use cold milk)

1) Mix all above except butter into dough
2) Add butter and continue to knead til dough becomes elastic, smooth and shiny
3) Leave to proof in an oiled bowl for 1 hour or doubled in size
4) Punch out air in dough and roll out (you may refer to the blogger's pic for instruction on how to roll, basically the same for all bread loaf)
5) Leave to proof in bread tin for 1 hour or doubled in size
6) Preheat oven at 170deg, bake for 40mins
Mini Parmesan Bread (without parmesan)

And my last craze, well-loved by my toddlers, i also loved it. Saved $$ from buying a packet of $1.60 from Four Leaves each time. At least now its freshly baked. But then they can finish all in a day for snacks, breakfast or anytime.. But i cheated, I didnt add the Parmesan Cheese..
Mini Parmesan Bread, adapted from 一口乳酪麵包
200g Bread Flour
1/3 tsp Instant Yeast
30g Sugar (i use 1Tbsp)
1 Egg
1/8 tsp salt
1 big spoon of Parmesan Cheese
80g Milk
30g Unsalted Butter

1) Mix all except butter into dough
2) Add butter and continue to knead til dough becomes elastic, smooth and shiny
3) Leave to proof for 1 hour or doubled in size
4) Punch out air in dough and roll out about 1cm thickness
5) Cut into cubes and leave to proof for an hour again
6) Preheat oven at 180deg, bake for 12-14mins

So that is 3 recipes in a post. Long post and 'long' craze... Happy baking..

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Brief Introduction

I am a Stay-At-Home-Mother, SAHM in short form, with 2 little toddlers, 16 months old boy and 3 year old girl. Staying at home to spend time taking care of them, bonding with them is a luxury given by my hubby. And my favourite past time at home, it is to cook, bake for my lovely hubby, son & daughter. All are so supportive, esp my little ones.
Some recipes are adapted from Youtube, other cooking blogs and also from my group of baking and cooking friends from Facebook. I am always forgeting where I got my recipes from, even though it can be yummy and well-loved by my family. So from the inspirations from other cooking blogs, i am so inspired and also hope to have a place where I can get my tested and proven recipes.. So now, dont mind the simple designed blog.