Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Japanese Cheesecake

Impromptu bake this morning. With the 1st recipe that I came across after google it. I added a layer of coco powder cos I like how the lines is in between the cake. It's my first time doing it and I think I didn't really do well. Hahah~

I use 2 oval tins, and I spread a layer of strawberry jam and sandwich the 2 cake so together. Never tried Jap cheesecake with strawberry jam filling right? Fridge for tonight's dessert.. Been really long since I baked and hope it turns out well..

Mmm..... It's really nice. The coco powder bitterness, the sweetness from the jam and the soft and moist texture of the Jap cheesecake. Oh, I seriously never regret baking them! I think I need bake 1 more soon!!

Japanese Cheesecake (adapted from RasaMalaysia)
*halve the recipe*
125g Cream cheese
25g Unsalted butter
50g Milk
30g Cake Flour
10g Corn Flour
1/4tsp Salt
1/4tsp Lime Juice
3 Yolks
3 Whites
70g Sugar

1) Put milk, cream cheese and butter and microwave til melt over 20 seconds interval, stirring in between. Leave to cool.
2) Beat whites til foamy, add sugar and whisk to soft peak.
3) Fold in flour, salt, lemon juice, yolks into milk mixture. Fold in 1/3 of meringue into mixture.
4) Fold in 1/3 more into mixture. Pour mixture into mixing bowl and fold in remaining meringue.
5) Water bath for 1hour or til top turns golden brown at 160deg.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Anyohaseyo!! We are going korean tonight!

Watching too much korean drama and variety, it really make me drool for korean food. But eating korean in Singapore, some are overly priced so I decided to make my own, in my own way...

I bought ready-marinated meats from Cold storage, sweet pork belly marinate and spicy pork belly. Both meat taste good and tender, but the spicy version, not so spicy le.... Hahaha.. And it's so ex, nxt time should buy marinate and make more often at home! Ha~

I bought some Soybean paste with intention to make the Spicy Seafood stew, but then the person at Cold storage gave me wrong info la. She says that soybean paste is spicy but it is not at all. And to my anguish, my chilli powder expired so I anyhow and added sambal. Fusion hor? Taste good though, and I added an egg on top after it boils. The kids had Chix soup.

The pancake, i found the recipe online. The first piece I didn't add kimchi as it's for the kids and without experience, I didn't managed to flip well and it break into halves! I ended up cutting into smaller pieces since I need cut later too.. Taste not bad le, just that not crispy enough. The version that I followed, I omit chives, zucchini and green pepper. I used only the below ingredients and added some Crabsticks and prawns. 

Kimchi Pancake (adapted and changed slightly from Maangchi)
1/3Cup Flour
2/3Cup Water
1/2tsp salt
1/2Cup SpringOnions
2 Shrimps, chopped
2Tbsp Kimchi, chopped
1 Egg 

1) Mix flour, salt and water in a bowl. 
2) Add all ingredient and mix well. Heat pan with oil.
3) Pour batter and lower to medium fire. Let it cooked til 70% and pour beaten egg onto the pancake.
4) Once egg almost cooked, gently flip the pancake. Add oil if needed, as it is important if u wan the pancake to be crispy.
5) Pan fried both sides til golden brown.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wholemeal Corn Bread Loaf

I bookmarked this recipe few days ago as my kids love corn, esp my little boy. He adore corn so much that he likes cup corn, corn sushi, corn straight from soup or anything soupy added with corn kernels. So I thought, this is another interesting breakfast for them. 

I prep the starter ahead, measure out flour as I prep another batch of bread recipe too. Now I have 2 different starter for bread making, so I won't have a last min situation like my gal requesting for sandwiches to bring to school for her extra class to share with 5 of her classmates. I had to turn to fast straight bread recipe - reliable Wu Pao Chun bread which I modify to Wholemeal.

Alamak, I realized that the recipe yields more than 700g, nxt round got to use 2/3 of recipe for 700g bread. Overflow slightly and a bit of mess to clean up. Baked the ugly overflow into Cheesy Corn strips. Bread is so soft, and the bits of corn adds texture to the bread. Yummy!

Softmeal Corn Bread (modify slightly from Bake for Happy Kids)
Starter: Mix 55g Boiling Water + 80g Bread Flour in dough, cool and fridge for at least 12hrs

150g Milk
2 Yolks
270g Bread Flour
50g Wholemeal Flour
50g Brown Sugar
4g Salt
5g Yeast
60g Butter
150g Frozen Corn

1) Add all ingredients as per above sequence, starter dough and butter last. (I also added the corn together) 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cranberry, Chocolate Chips Bread

Today decided to bake a loaf of Softmeal & Chocolate bread, adding cranberry and chocolate chips to my chocolate loaf. Will share them with my neighbour so that kids can get to eat their fav chocolate bread.. Hee..

Am using this straight recipe from Grace again as it's looks so soft and good. Hoping that I wil achieve the same texture.. Mmm... Love the smell of bread and I get to smell twice today!!

Hub love the choc loaf, guessed my anyhow conversions from cup to grams work. Lol~ And it's the first he kept saying the chocolate bread is nice... (Pardon the pic as I was too tired to take it last nite and I left only 1 slice when I suddenly recalled I haven took a pic)

Cranberry, Chocolate Chips Bread (adapted from Taglicious)
180ml Milk
235g Bread flour
1.5Tbsp Cake Flour
1.5 Tbspunsweetened Cocoa powder
1.5 Tbsp sugar
1/3tsp salt
1Tbsp butter
1tsp active dry yeast 

Usual steps of using the breadmaker. Liquid, followed by flour then salt, sugar, butter at sides with yeast in center.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Softmeal Bread Loaf + 3 Hotdog Rolls

Did the same recipe again, this time doing Softmeal. Faster ask my neighbour helped to buy Wholemeal flour yday nite so I cld prepare the starter dough to bake them today... Woo.. Love it.

It is soft, and very yummy. My gal gobbled 1 hotdog roll for tea break to afternoon and say Yum!!

Soft White Bread (amended slightly from Taglicious)
*I 2x recipe for this batch*
Starter Dough - Mix 60g bread flour + 60g wholemeal flour + 120g water, cover tight n leave in fridge for 12hrs
200ml Milk
20g Honey
360g Bread Flour
30g Brown Sugar
3g Salt
5g Yeast
28g Butter
12g Milk Powder, omit

1) I poured ingredients as per above sequence, function 6 n leave the BM to work.
After 3hrs, my loaf is done. Cooled, sliced n store airtight.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Soft White Bread Loaf

Though I wasn't really satisfied with my loaf last night, the kids n hub even my mum claimed its nice. It taste good, but slightly harder the next morning. All of it was GONE! Ha~ Perhaps I haven gone back to the momentum of bread making..

Today I am using this Softmeal Bacon Bread recipe from Taglicious. I substitute the Wholemeal flour for the starter dough with all bread flour as I ran out of Wholemeal flour. I couldn't wait and I wanted to bake them today! So I called it Soft White bread. Hee...

Simple mixing of flour and water for starter dough, leave in fridge for 12hours and you can use it aldy. Followed the recipe closely and hoping that my bread turns out soft and fluffy too.. And indeed it does. I also made my own garlic spread today...

Super love the bread and I aldy prepared my starter for Softmeal version tml! Enjoying dinner now with yummy garlic bread...

Garlic Spread (reference to Simplyscratch)
1 Clove Garlic
2Tbsp Canola Butter
1tsp Oregano
1tsp Parsely

1) Wash and cut garlic in halves. Sprinkle Olive oil on garlic and baked in foil for 40mins.
2) Add all above ingredients and spread over bread. Bake til slightly browned and serve warmed.

Soft White Bread (amended slightly from Taglicious)
Starter Dough - Mix 60g bread flour + 60g water, cover tight n leave in fridge for 12hrs
100ml Milk
10g Honey
180g Bread Flour
20g Brown Sugar, I used 10g normal sugar
2g Salt
3g Yeast
14g Butter
6g Milk Powder, omit

1) I poured ingredients as per above sequence, function 6 n leave the BM to work.
After 3hrs, my loaf is done. Cooled, sliced n store airtight.

Monday, July 7, 2014

New Breadmaker!

After 'abusing' the Lenq Breadmaker that I gotten from groupon deal, it finally raise the white flag after 9 months. Been using it for around 2-3 times max per week.

And as my old one surrender, the new breadmaker craze is here. Now Q00 has this special deal at $70 with delivery to your house. The wait is no longer than 2 weeks and finally after arriving for 1 week, I open it up.

It is smaller than the old one, max of 450g dough.. My first bake is using the sweet bread recipe from the manual. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will turn out well. Hub says taste good but I still prefer the usual recipes I used to bake with. Think I stick to that or try other interesting recipe.

Sweet Bread Recipe (From Donlim BM Manual)
120ml Water, I replaced with milk
1 Egg
240g Bread Flour
3G Milk Poweder, omit
36g Sugar, I used 20g Honey
2g Salt
5g Yeast, I used 3g
16g Butter

I used Function 6, light crust, 450g bread. Add ingredients in above sequence and leave the BM to work.