Sunday, January 26, 2014

Revisited with a lil tweak : Yummy Chocolate Chips Cookies

Revisiting this recipe that I baked previously, tweak the recipe slightly and it is slightly softer, not as crunchy and hard as previous bakes. But love the overall taste with the hint of almond, bursting with chocolate chips in each bite.

I think it will be a hit with the kids, not to mention my big kid at home. Enjoy baking and hope u and ur family will enjoy them.. Packing them for Chinese New Year and some of my bakes for my lovely neighbor..

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Chocolate Chips Cookies (ref to prev post, modifications in RED)
100g Butter
10g Milk **Choc Milk
50g Sugar (reduced to 40g) **Brown Sugar
90g Plain Flour
30g Wholemeal Bread Flour **Bread Flour
1/4tsp Baking Soda
50g chocolate chips
**15g Grounded Almond

1) Mix butter, sugar and milk together. Mix in flour then chocolate chips and raisins.
2) Drop spoonful of batter onto tray. Bake at 180deg for 12-15mins or til browned..

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Colourful Chocolate Conflakes

The other day I had an impromptu 'baking' session with my gal. Decided to finish up the original cornflakes since it isn't moving as fast as KoKo Crunch. Kids nowadays prefer chocolate so no one eats my cornflakes.. Haha.

I didn't exactly follow any recipe as all ingredients was not measured. I just took out a 150g Dark Chocolate compound and melt at 20seconds intervals with my microwave. Stir smooth and pour over, approximately 1 big soup bowl of cornflakes. 

My gal helped with stirring the cornflakes with melted chocolate and we both fill up the little cup cases on 2 trays. I put in oven for 5mins to further melt the chocolate a bit as it has slightly harden. And we quickly put sprinkles on top. Cooled and off it went to the tubs. 

We did 1 big and 1 small tubs with 2 extras for her hardwork reward. It is yummy but I think not enough chocolate cos mine doesn't set hard enough after cooling. But really yummy and good way to use up cornflakes at home..

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Colourful Chocolate Cornflakes (based on estimation as I did not follow any recipe)
150g melted Dark Choc
1 Big Bowl of Cornflakes (1/3pk of the cornflakes box)
Some sprinkles 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Experimenting again... Double Choc and Raisins bread

Simply love the soft texture of the bread when I used it for the Cheese Herbs & Ham Bread and I decided to use it to experiment with chocolate bread. Cos usually BM chocolate bread is slightly drier compared to the same recipe used for plain white loaf. 

Using back this same recipe, I kept everything the same, replacing with chocolate milk and I did not add any coco powder as it will further dry up the bread, esp on the next day.. And today I did the 2nd proof after rolling out on my square tin, dividing them equally into 3 balls.. (Cos I need to bake my plain bread loaf too, grandma doesn't eat chocolate) This entry just serve as a note for me to refer to in future. 

I didn't really get to taste the bread as it is for a fren. But she told me it was yummy. And judging from the softness when I slice the bread, it seems softer than my usual chocolate loaf which I added cocoa powder. Glad she enjoys it.

Revisit: Pineapple Tarts (updated Jan 26, 14)

Definitely this year has to be this recipe, as I mentioned, hubby prefer this. Haha. And this year I specially cooked my own jam. But I dunno how much sugar added, as I add the sugar as I slow cook the pineapple and tasting them at the same time.

I used 2 pineapple from NTUC, can't rem the brand but it is the common ones that people are buying to make the paste. It's S&W or something like that. Sorry, poor memory... And I jus grate, slow cook and when it is almost dry, I added sugar gradually. I prefer it to be sour sweet so it will not be too sweet after wrapping them up.

After sitting in the fridge for 1wk+, lazy me decided to roll them into balls and bake my pineapple balls. Wonder why the dough is a bit difficult to handle, not sure if it's due to leaving in fridge for more than 10mins and didn't thaw properly or that I replaced Self-raising flour with Plain flour. But overall, I still managed to wrap them. Halve the recipe and baked 40 balls.

I simply love my pineapple balls, I was so worried when I had a hard time wrapping them. Now I wished I had more jam.... =( So tempted to get more pineapple to make the jam for more balls. Hope I can keep myself from finishing them.... Yumm...

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****Updated with more pics of different looks. Criss-cross Pineapple Balls & Free-hand moulded Hearty Pineapple.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cheese, Herbs & Ham Bread

I am always cracking my head every morning on what breakfast to serve my Princess and Prince so that they will eat up their breakfast fast enough. I have given food like bread with jam/Nutella, milk with KoKo Crunch as well as cake but seems like they always talk their own sweet time, chatting and eating away.

I remembered grandma says she like the texture of the Danish Bread loaf so instead of rolling the dough with butter, I used the bread dough recipe as my bread base. I added 1tsp of Thyme and Basil each, 2tbsp of shredded cheddar. After 1st proof, roll 100g of dough out, wrap with ham and cut out shapes with cookie cutter. Set aside to proof. 

As for the balance dough, I shaped into loaf and braided the balance dough tt I used for the cut-out bread. Haha.

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Herbs, Cheese & Ham Loaf (slight modifications)
200g Bread Flour
50g Cake Flour
150g Water with 1 Egg
1/4tsp Salt
1tsp Yeast
30g Sugar
15g Butter
1tsp Thyme
1tsp Basil
2Tbsp Shredded Cheddar
1 Slice Apple Honey Baked Ham

Monday, January 20, 2014

Revisit: Cornflake Cookies

This year has been a busy year. 2014 means both kids going to school, both AM session which means mummy dun haf the luxury of sleeping til 10am. Thus I have been slow in trying new recipes, as well as updating my blog. Sorry everyone....!!

Today I am sharing this recipe that I have tried and baked last year. It is so yummy that both my kids and hubby enjoyed it very much. And since I got most of my CNY goodies store-bought, I decided to bake this cornflakes cookies, chocolate cornflakes cups, home-made pineapple tarts only. No time no time! Arghhh.... If I have more time, I might try new recipes too..

Today instead of rolling them on crushed cornflakes, I decided to add in the cornflakes to the dough. Lazy way so that I don't have to get too messy and I even mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl. I think I got all done in barely an hour for 1/2 the recipe. Very fast and yet super yummy cookies that will win everyone over.

I hope I still have them leftover when CNY comes nxt week. If not it's still very fast to whip up a tub as it is a very simple and straightforward recipe. By having the cornflakes adding to the cookie dough itself, it is more crunchy and harder as compared to rolling on cornflakes. I prefer it this way as it is lesser crumbs to handle for the kids when they eating it.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Double Chocolate Chips Loaf II

Using back the same recipe, replacing with chocolate milk, and using just bread flour, I managed to get a full of chocolate chips loaf today... Just reposting to share how the chips won't melt.

I use the same Menu 1 for loaf function and after the 1st proof, usually it will beep and allows u to add any toppings into the dough before continuing to mix for 20-25mins to shape for 2nd proof. I waited til it mix for 20mins before throwing all the chips. Here you go, loads of chocolate chips... 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Danish Bread Loaf

Hubby has been telling me for the longest time about the Danish Bread from Four Leaves. For a few times, I couldn't get it from the outlet at Compasspoint. Apparently they only have limited quantity of  the Danish loaf for sale daily. 

Finally last weekend, hubby went out to get us coffee and some bread while I slept in. He managed to see that Four Leaves have tt Danish loaf at Compasspoint. Yes, finally..... And that is how we know that they only have limited quantity.

Actually the bread is soft and definitely delicious, considering the amount of butter used. It is so soft and fragrant that the kids have 1 1/2 slice each... But I seriously don't like the idea of hubby consuming so much butter, and not knowing what type of butter they use as well. I decided to take things into my own hands. 

I normally use this Canola Light, Cholestrol Free Margarine from Buttercup. It is also with the logo from Healthier Choice too.. Less saturated fats thus I feel more relieved. But of cos, still not a daily bake too.. First, not very healthy and secondly, the tedious process. And yes, I only managed to fold into an envelope and fold into 3s twice only... And it gets real messy, margarine oozing out.. 

So what is hubby verdict? Mine is pretty straight forward. Soft, delicious and in my view nicer than the ones he buy back from XXX.. 

Danish Bread Loaf (adapted with mild changes from Do What I Like)
150g (Milk + Water) *original recipe uses water, and I increase additional 10g of milk.
200g Bread Flour
50g Cake Flour
1Tbsp Almond Flour *or you can use milk powder
30g Sugar
1/4tsp Salt
1tsp Yeast
15g Butter

For folding: 100-125 Butter

*refer to source for more visual illustration.
1) I place ingredients in above sequence, adding butter last with my BM to help with bread dough and 1st proof. Menu 8 Dough Function
2) Put butter on cling wrap, fold up in a square shaped and press down to form a thin sheet of butter. Leave it chilled til ready to use.
3) Punch out air once dough is ready. Roll out into a square, place chill butter in middle and fold like an envelope.
4) Roll out into a rectangle and fold it 3times. Put in fridge for 30mins.
5) Repeat step (4) 3 times.
6) Braid the bread and leave for 2nd proof for about 45-60mins. Bake in BM. Menu 12 Baked Function