Monday, January 12, 2015

Avocado Yogurt Wholemeal Bread w/Pumpkin Seeds

Saw this recipe previously and has bookmarked and bought avocado to ripe and make this healthy loaf. Healthy in my sense as it uses avocado, yogurt and wholemeal flour! Plus I am using organic flour for both bread and wholemeal flour, it is even better right?

I added pumpkin seeds to the loaf as my boy super love pumpkin seeds. The loaf is soft and really smell nice, from the avocado and pandan leaves.. Mmm... I will be making them into mini bus with pumpkin seeds as topping the next round, perhaps on Thursday so that my kids could bring them along for their snack box!

Verdict of taste test - Soft, fluffy, fragrant and yummy! (To my surprise, yes very overwhelmed with the results!) I could taste the hint of avocado, and the pandan leaves provide the light light fragrant. Oh my, try it and you know what i mean!

Avocado Yogurt Wholemeal Bread w/Pumpkin Seeds (adapted from MyMindPatch)
30g Milk
130g Original Yogurt
50g Avocado
3g Pandan Leaves, I used & 5g

40g Raw Sugar
1/4tsp Salt
20g Egg
20g Veg Oil, I used unsalted butter
225g Bread Flour
25g Wholemeal Flour
1/2tsp Yeast

1) Blend milk, avocado, yogurt & pandan leaves. Pour into bread tin.
2) Add sugar, salt, butter followed by flour on top. Make indent in center of flour, add yeast.
3) Set to Sweet Bread Menu 6. Cool completely before slicing bread.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sweet Corn Bread

Saw another interesting recipe from MyMindPatch, Sweet Corn Bread! My boy adore corn, steamed cup corn, corn sushi, corn cob etc. Thus I decided to try and bake this for him.

Instead of fresh corn, I used frozen corn, with fingers crossed, hopefully I won't compromise the texture. Quite a straight forward recipe and I used my old blender that used to be blending baby food for them. Seeing the blender, it seems like yday I was still preparing purée for my 2 Angels.

Bread is slightly soft but chewy texture, with a hint of sweetness from the corn. I personally feel that it is not bad, good to eat on its own.

Sweet Corn Bread (adapted from MyMindPatch)
70g Corn kennels
90g Milk
20g Condensed Milk
35g Beaten Egg
30g Raw Sugar
1/4tsp Salt
30g Butter
230g Bread Flour
15g Cake Flour
1/2tsp Yeast

1) Blend corn kennels, milk & condensed milk. Pour into Breadmaker tin. 
2) Add Egg, Sugar, Salt, Egg followed by Flour. Yeast in the center of flour.
3) Sweet bread menu 6 and let the breadmaker do its work. Take bread out once done to cool before slicing.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Mixed Berries Yogurt Wholemeal Bread *edited in BOLD*

Chanced upon this recipe when my friend's friend sugg to my friend on more BreadMaker recipe. Seeing all the pictures posted, I was so excited about the soft fluffy sliced bread!!

Decided on this yogurt wholemeal bread, replacing with my mixed berries yogurt. Yummy & soft, love the bread so much. I am so gonna put on some strawberry jam for the kids snack time in school tml.. 

Can you see how soft the crusted slice is? It is no hard at all.. Loves!!

Mixed Berries Yogurt Wholemeal Bread (adapted from MyMindPatch)
65g Milk
20g Condensed Milk
140g Yogurt
20g Beaten Egg
30g Raw Sugar
20g Butter
1/4tsp Salt
225g Bread Flour
25g Wholemeal Flour
1/2tsp Yeast

1) Put milk & yogurt and leave it in rm temp for 25min.
2) Pour milk mixture into BM, add egg, butter, raw sugar, salt and flour followed by yeast last. Choose 'Sweet Bread Function' Menu 6
3) Take bread out once baked to cool on iron rack. Slice once bread loaf is completely cooled.