Friday, September 22, 2017

Steam Egg Saga

Have been hearing my gal rave about steam egg or chawanmushi in school. She has been ๅŠ ๆ–™-ing in school whenever she buy rice for recess. And the other day, my mama group sent a perfectly smooth steam egg, gosh, I need to master it. And the topic was how to perfectly steam 1..???

I google recipes and mostly recommended the ratio of 1egg:1.5water and that to sieve egg mixture to remove air bubbles, and also to cover with foil/plastic film/lids/plates. So the idea was not to let the droplets fall back while steaming. And also the heat need to be low in order to be successful.

This recipe doesnt use any salt or msg so its suitable for babies who are not allergic to eggs to consume. I used mushroom powder or ikan billis powder to season food that I give to my baby at home. Now that baby is coming to 16months, I bought this 2 types of powder which is MSG-free. Easily available at NTUC.

So i tried day 1, with the same ratio kod 1:1.5 and steam for 20-25mins but my helper go and open the lid of the pot halfway thru steaming. So i failed. Many big  air bubbles on the egg.

Day 2 lunch, i tried again. Steam for 20mins, added chopped tomatoes and baby spinach. Steamed for 20mins. Texture is better but I am thinking cld be over-steaming and thus the 'pimples'.

Day 2 Dinner, tried again. 1 with cling wrap and 1 without. Both texture is acceptable. And did i mention, I did not sieve the egg mixture at all. So i think the secret is not to over-steam them and to steam over low heat.  

Left is without covering and right is with cling wrap. Can you see the difference? And this is our yummy dinner tonite! The 3 kiddos all love it!

Steam Egg Recipe (Makes 5)
150g Eggs (approx 4, depending on the size of your egg)
225g Water
Dash of pepper
1tsp Sesame Oil
2tsp Mushroom Powder/Ikan Billis powder for taste

1) Beat egg and water well. Add in all above seasoning and mix gently
2) Pour into glass bowls 
3) Steam for 15mins, counting from water boil

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Sweet Potato & Taro Balls with Sago

Recently looking for more interesting recipes with food that contains Iron. Sweet potato is 1 of them. Light snacks after school are tough too as i wanted it to be light and yet can fill them up til dinner at 6pm. I mix the varieties of snacks based on what I packed for school recess. So today I served them pizza and this sweet dessert.

I boil the sweet potato cubes in water til almost soft and added the taro balls, sago, rock sugar and coconut milk. Bring to boil and taste. Sorry that I didnt had any exact measurement and all based on a rough estimation so pls dont put in all at 1 time but rather add water, rock sugar and coconut and taste to your preference.

This is the taro balls i got! Great to add to rice dumplings soup too!!

Light and simple on a lazy afternoon. I am having it for tea break! Slurrpp...

Sweet Potato,& Taro Balls with Sago
2 Sweet Potato, cubed
1/2 pkt of Frozen Taro balls
1/3-1/4 cup of sago, uncooked (depends how much you want)
500ml water
50ml -70ml coconut milk
30g Rock sugar to taste

1) Boil 500ml of water with sweet potato cubes.
2) Once sweet potato soften, add sago, taro balls, rock sugar and stir well.
3) Add coconut bit by bit and taste. Bring to boil and cool before serving.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Banana Cake

Die also wanna do a Banana cake so quickly find a simple and easy recipe online. Wanna make some sweet potato banana cupcakes but kept on reading over and over and wondering if the kids will like it. So I ended up just baking a plain old fashion Banana Cake.

Saw a few sponge cake method recipes but it deter me. I want a recipe whereby I can throw everything into a bowl and mix it up. Esp with the 3 rascals close to bedtime, I just need a simple, easy and delicious recipe. And finally i stumbled on this from Bear Naked Food!

It is soft, sweetness of the banana and yummy! Love how soft and moist the cake texture is. 

And so the 2nd king at home says he wants to trade chocolate muffins for them! 

Banana Cake (adapted from Bear Naked Food)
110g Butter
150g Caster Sugar
2 Eggs
1 tsp vanilla paste
2Tbsp Milk
3 Big Banana
160g Cake Flour
1tsp Baking Powder
1tsp Cinnamon Powder
Pinch of salt

1) Mix butter and sugar til dissolved. 
2) Add eggs, vanilla paste, milk and mix well
3) Mash banana and mix to mixture
4) Sift flour over mixture and mix until no flour can be seen. Do not overmix.
5) Bake at 160deg for 50-60mins

Monday, September 11, 2017

Chocolate Muffins

Saw this easy and simple recipe from cookat and simply had to make them. Great for lunchbox treat for the 2 older kiddos. Took me barely 30mins to put them together. 

I dont know how to copy the exact link from facebook for this recipe so pls follow the link above to go to their facebook page and follow them for more interesting recipes.

I put 1 tiny teaspoon of nutella, worried about too much chocolate and heaty stuff. Tried and its yummy! When it is in the oven, kids couldnt stop asking about it. Try it!

Chocolate Muffin (Makes 11 mini muffins)
150g Butter
110g Sugar
110g Egg (approx 2 big eggs)
270g Cake Flour
40g Coco Powder
12g Baking Powder
120g Milk
1tsp vanilla paste

Some chocolate chips

1) I mix butter and sugar til combine
2) Add egg 1 by 1
3) Sift flour, coco powder & baking powder over mixture and mix well
4) Add milk and mix. Do not overMix
5) Scoop batter half-filled and put 1 teaspoon of nutella. Cover with batter and sprinkle chocolate chips
6) Bake at 180deg for 20-25mins

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Avocado Chicken & Quinoa Salad

Did a simple and healthy salad to bring along for our picnic. Consist of chicken breast, sautee ham, tomatoes, avocadoes, quinoa, corn & fusilli.. Coupled along with a few drops of lemon juice, I added Zesty italian dressing and mix it up before bringing along with us.

A very fast recipe that barely needs 30mins to prep and assemble. Some prep work done night before and minimal work next morning.. And you have a fulfiling and healthy salad for all! Oh, did I mention, my kids love salad and us too!! 

Avocado Chicken & Quinoa Salad
4 Strips Chicken Breast 
4 Slices Ham
1/2 Cup Corn
1/2 Cup Quinoa
1 Cup Fusilli
1 Cup Cherry Tomato
2 Avocado
Zesty Italian Dressing
Few drops of lemon juice

1) I use 1 pot enough to add Fusilli, Quinoa, Corn & Chicken breast to boil. Drain
2) I cut the ham into small squares night before and bake/sautee slightly on the morning
3) Cut cherry tomato into halves. Cut avocado into cubes and add lemon juice and stir to prevent browning
4) Add all ready ingredients in container except chicken breast. Tear chicken breast directly into container
5) Add salad dressing and stir til desired taste.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Banana Chocolate Muffins

Last min decided to bake banana muffins so had to search for an easy recipe. Wanted to bring them for our picnic and since its early morning, so wanna pack simple. Bringing along a salad and some muffins, along with some titbits. We decided to grab lunch instead of prepping lunch.

Search a few blogs and decided to go with Grace's recipe. Her recipe always looks so yummy. And this recipe is very straightforward. Only 2-bowl, mix together and bake. But in my haste, coaching helper at the same time, i dump all the wet ingredients then dry on top. ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿป‍♀️๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿป‍♀️๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿป‍♀️

Luckily it still turns out well. And I also hide 1/2 cube of Laughing Cow cheese in the muffins. I hope the kids enjoy their snack. And since I only have 2 small bananas at home, approx 90g, I halve the recipe. Yummy!! My gal super love it!

Oh and did I mention that the salad is yummy! Along with the Zesty Italian dressing, oooohhhhh!! Yum! I will share the recipe when I am free to do a short write up!

Banana Chocolate Muffins (adapted from Taglicious)
2 small bananas (90g)
25g Brown sugar
20ml Oil
15ml Milk
1tsp Vanilla paste
1 Egg
95g Cake Flour
1tsp Baking powder
1/2tsp Salt
Handful of chocolate chips

1) I put above ingredients in the above sequence and do a quick mix
2) Add chocolate chips last, according to the amount you want
3) Scoop batter and fill 1/2 of cupcake case, put 1/2 cheese and cover with batter til 80% full
4) Bake at 170deg for 20-30mins

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Egg Muffin

Lately lil man seems to be bored of his food, so had to make more food to entice him.. Bookmarked similar recipe but lazy to follow so came up with my anyhow easy method. Jus a quick chop chop ingredients which u can prep the night before and jus put into nuffin tray and pour egg over to bake while u get the kids ready for school or urself for work! 

I added chopped ham, tomatoes, crabstick, spinach. I grease the muffin tray with oil and scoop ingredients inside. No exact measurement as I just put them by 'feel'.. Hahaha, ya by feel for this morning. Think ingredients can be anything that yourself or your family likes. I beat 6 eggs and added seasonings to it. Pour over ingredients til 80% or jus covering the ingredients. Oh, u can add some cheese to them too!! 

The big kids love it. So it will be an alternative to their lunchboxes for school. And i can bring this out for Arvin's along with other simple food. Here is my simple recipe.

Egg Muffin
6 eggs, beaten
3 pc of ham, chopped
2 small tomatoes, chopped
1 handful spinach, chopped
2 crabstick, chopped
Seasonings for eggs

1) Beat 6 eggs and add some seasonings
2) Chopped all above ingredients
3) Grease muffin tray and scoop ingredients in layer by layer
4) Pour beaten eggs over til cover ingredients
5) Bake at 180deg for 30mins or til eggs are fully cooked. Serve warm

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Pandan Chiffon Cupcakes

Been wanting to bake cupcakes for the kids' lunchboxes so has been trying and bookmarking a few recipes. Another few on the 'to-do-list' are those quiches/egg-like cuppies for breakfast. Those need coaching to my helper on how to bake them and I need a trial run on how well they keep as well. So let's see how it goes next week or later this week during the school holiday!

Today I did this Pandan Chiffon Cupcakes. Viola~ I love it, as well as my 15month old. Couldnt stop eating and got angry when I walked away with it. And I also went to get the Honey Cheesecake from Swee Heng after seeing the intro video. 

Tastewise, better than Breadtalk's Honey something cake. And its worth the $3.80 in my view. I can cut into 8 small slices which is just nice for a small bite after a meal. Do go ahead and try. And this cake inspire me on some more other cheese sponge too...

Back to my chiffon, its light and i think sweetness can reduce slightly. I used pandan paste, fresh milk to replace. Lovely chiffon cupcakes as I think it didnt really collaspe much and no cracks even tho I forgot to add the baking powder. 
Really soft and spongy!

I fill then up to this height! When cooled, it collaspe slightly below the cupcake case rim. 

Pandan Chiffon Cupcakes (adapted n modified from The Dream Baker)
3 Whites
35g Sugar
2 Yolks
30g Sugar
25ml Oil
1tsp Pandan Paste
65ml Milk
70g Cake Flour
1tsp Baking Powder (i forgot to put my baking powder)
1tsp Salt

1) Beat Whites and sugar til soft peaks.
2) Mix Sugar and yolks well. Add remaining wet ingredients and mix well. 
3) Add sift dry ingredients and mix til no lumps
4) Add 1/2 meringue to the mixture, then pour mixture into balance meringue and fold well
5) Pour batter into cupcake case, fill up 80%
6) Bake at 170deg for 30-45mins til top browned nicely

Monday, August 28, 2017

Chocolate Bluberries Muffins

Lately really got into the mood of rekindling my baking sparks. Maybe I couldnt do as much the big kids' lunchboxes so I wanna replace with some home-baked treats for them to bring to school. 

I bookmarked this simple and straightforward recipes and decided to add some cocoa powder, using only blueberries and chocolate chips for them. It took me like 15mins max to put them together and then another 30mins or so to bake them. All this done while 'eye-powering' my little toddler running to and forth in the background. 

Using only 2 bowls, all is done with minimum washing. I like the simple method and time-saving too. And usually I do my baking in the mornings or before the 2 older kids are home. Oh, afternoons are kept busy for them. Supervising daily homeworks, spellings or tests if there is.

Try this recipe. With the addition of cocoa powder and the tangy blueberries, its doesnt feel so sinful to eat. It goes well for the kids' lunchboxes next day too.

Chocolate Blueberries Muffins (modified slightly from DreamersLoft)
220g Cake Flour
30g Cocoa powder
120g Brown sugar
1.5tsp baking powder
1/2tsp salt
60g Butter, melted
250ml milk
1 egg

Handful of blueberries & chocolate chips

1) Put all dry ingredients together and mix them. Add some to blueberries and coat them.
2) Melt butter and cool. Add remaining wet ingredients and mix well.
3) Make a hole in middle of dry ingredients and pour all the wet ingredients in. Mix well but dont over mix. 
4) Add chocolate chips and blueberries and slightly stir in
5) Fill in cupcake liners and bake 170deg for 30mins or til skewer comes out clean.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Food for babies/toddlers II - Quinoa Salad

So last week I was sharing about the Iron drops right, and we have just went back for a review on Wednesday. Lil boy blood count is back to normal but his hemoglobin level is still on lower side (iron level in his body) at 8.6+. Doc advise acceptable range is 11-16 which means he isnt very far off. 

Doc recommend to give both drops + iron-rich food to boost up his hemoglobin level faster. But both me and hubby feels that his appetite is better eversince back from his hospital stay and he starting to eat more solids as compared to before. And since I can give him natural source of iron from food, why not? Just need to be hardworking, do my homework on which are the food, plan the cooking method which he may accept and do our best. 

This week I started back on rice for him as lil boy has quite a bit of a 'pick eater' issue. He doesnt like to sit at a place for his meal. He needs to have some distractions, with maybe a bowl, spoon or some small items. Therefore if his food isnt what he is keen, he definitely wont come back for more. 

We tried korean chix rice & yoshinoya beef rice when i did takeouts for lunch. He loves them! We had scrambled eggs w/shallots+tomatoes, stir fry brinjal, steamed sweet potato, quinoa salad w/beef & chix. He finished a portion each time! I would say he is eating well. On top, i give cereals for breakfast & sometimes snack when he is up from afternoon naps. Fruits which I mashed up for easier eating as well. 

Lets continue to fight my lil boy!

Quinoa Salad w/Beef & Chicken
Handful Quinoa
1/2 Crabstick
Handful Fusili
1/2 Chopped tomatoes
1/4 Pan-fried Chix thigh
2 thin strips Pan-fried Beef steak

1) Boil quinoa, crabstick, fusili. Drain n leave aside
2) Chopped tomato, and the pan-fried meat
3) Add together, served with Jap mayo + drops of lemon juice

PS: Let me know if any of the other food interest you and u need a recipe, I will try to do a short write up or reply to u! ๐Ÿ˜˜