Friday, January 15, 2021

Baked Miso Cod

 Simple baked miso cod with sides and soup for dinner today! The kind of fast and simple dinner meal preparation without a greasy kitchen to clean up! 

I marinated the cod fish in the morning and left it in the fridge til dinner. Popped them into my Ninjafoodi and its ready in 15mins. Only need to brush the marinade while baking halfway thru. As easy as that! 

Along I use my thermomix to boil veg, cook mushroom while my cod is baking. Then went on to make my garlic bread once the cod is done! In 35mins, I have a yummy and sumptuous dinner for all! (Yakitori and lagsane is frozen food) 

Miso Cod
1Tbsp miso paste
1Tbsp mirin
pasley flakes

1) Marinate for at least 30mins
2) Keep marinade aside and line cod in Ninjafoodi, bake at 180deg x 15mins
3) Halfway baking, open and brush marinade then flip over and brush with marinade too
4) Serve warm

Garlic spread
1 garlic, chopped
1tsp salt
40g butter
parsley flakes

1) Mix above well
2) Spread over bread and bake 130deg x 5mins

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Crispy airfried chicken wings


Been planning meals so I can do my cooking in my Thermomix and NinjaFoodi so that I dun have much cleaning after dinner. This 2 gadgets really helps me in the cooking and really no greasy kitchen after that! 

Simply marinate the chicken wings, grill them then aircrisp them for a crispier exterior. This is so simple. And while I am grilling the chicken wings, Thermomix is cooking rice, steaming fish and eggs at the same time! 

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Airfried Chicken Wings (Makes 5 3-joint chicken wings)
1Tbsp Seaame oil
1Tbsp light soy sauce
1Tbsp chinese wine
2Tbsp onion powder
2Tbsp potato starch
pinch of pepper

1) Marinate chicken with above and set it aside for at least 3-4hours
2) Grill chicken wings at for 15mins, flipping them halfway
3) Aircrisp for 2mins at 160deg. Serve warm

Monday, January 11, 2021

Teriyaki Chicken

 Been a while since I tried new recipe/cooking. Today my gal requested for me to cook Teriyaki chicken rice so I decided to try making the sauce from scratch! 

Added some ingredients to mix the sauce, and marinate the chicken leg from morning til dinner time. Simply pop in to grill in the Ninja Foodi and then Aircrisp it for another 3mins! Omg! Thankfully the marinade turns out well and the meat is still very juicy! 

Am loving my Ninja Foodi so far as I feel that the grill function doesnt dry up the meat when you cook in it. And yet still maintain the juiciness! Yums! 

I had the remaining marinade to thicken in my Thermomix, Yes another new gadget in my kitchen! So convi! Yums!!! 

Steam eggs, spinach and cooked rice in my Thermomix for a balance meal with the kids! Yummy!! 

Teriyaki chicken (Makes 2 chicken leg)
20g water + 10g corn flour
60g water
20g mirin
25g light soy sauce
20g honey
50g brown sugar
2 boneless cchicken leg

1) Mix the above in a bowl n stir well
2) Add in chicken leg and make sure it is well coated with the marinade
3) Pop in Ninja Foodi and grill for 15mins (do check at 10mins point as my skin was slightly charred) 
4) Continue to aircrisp it for 3mins
5) Thicken the remaining marinade in a pot and drizzle over chicken. Serve warm over rice

Monday, September 21, 2020

Chicken Yakitori

Made these lovely chicken yakitori as wanted to make something from scratch that isnt too time consuming nor difficult and yet its something that the kids will love.

Serving it on a rainy evening with a bowl of hot homemade yong tau foo soup! Gotten the kids’s fav handmade fishballs from cold storage and some other ingredients. Soup was totally sweet and delicious! 

The chicken were nicely cooked and not dried up at all! Even the non-chicken leg eater also commented that it is nice! Even nicer than Tori Q in my sense and he agreed when I asked! 🙊🙊🙊

Try it! Its simple and easy to prepare! Only thing I hate is thar I fear poking the ingredients thru the skewers!! Phobia of poking my fingers. 😂😂

This is the yakitori sauce that I used! So flavourful as it enhance the taste of the skewers! Yummy ❤️

Chicken Yakitori (Makes 8)
2 Chicken leg, cut into cubes
1Tbsp sesame oil
1Tbsp light soy sauce
1Tbsp oyster sauce
1Tbsp huatiao

1 capsicum
2 eringyii mushroom

Brushing sauce: 
I use this yakitori sauce to brush during airfry

1) Marinate chicken for min a day for better flavor
2) Soak skewers before using
3) Poke chicken, capsicum and mushroom on skewer and place on tray
4) Brush with yakitori sauce and airfry/bake 10mins at 160deg
5) Turn and brush yakitori sauce and airfry/bake for another 10mins
6) Turn again and airfry another 5mins at 180deg. 
7) Brush sauce again, without flipping n airfry/bake another 3mins. Serve warm

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

BKK inspired Pork Satay


Saw a lot of groupbuys lately on these bkk moopings. Been craving to have some as missed those girly trips to BKK. 

Saw a video on how to skewer the meat on the sticks and decided to marinate my own flavours as I prefer the natural sweetness from the meat rather than from adding sugar. After skewer them, they are ready to be freeze! 

They need to be pan grill from frozen to keep the shape. Surprisingly, the meat slices really ‘sticks’ together well! Am so impressed!! I brushed honey when they are about 70% cooked, flipping them occassionally if not they will charred too fast. Important tips is to keep really low low hear and flip frequent enough. 

It is soft and juicy. But if I compared with the BKK version, theirs much sweeter and a bit more juicier. Perhaps I need to add some cornflour and also a bit of honey in the marinate too. Personally I may omit the dark & light soy sauce next round as I feel its slightly on the salty side. Other than that, the adults enjoyed it very much. Kids was 50-50 towards the mooping. I am planning to attempt again with the thai meat marinate that I got from BKK. 

300g Pork collar
300g Pork Loin
1Tbsp chopped garlic
1Tbsp sesame oil
1Tbsp huatiao
1Tbsp light soy sauce
1Tbsp dark soy sauce
2Tbsp oyster sauce
1Tbsp garlic powder
Dash of pepper

Honey to brush when baking/grilling

1) Cut both pork into slices and marinate with above
2) Soak satay sticks for 30mins
3) Slowly mix the different pork on the sticks
4) Put a plastic wrapper and press meat flat to resemblence satay and freeze overnight
5) Pan grill from frozen on low and brush honey once they are 70% cooked on both sides
6) Once slightly charred and cooked, serve them warm

Monday, August 31, 2020

Peanut butter cookies

Saw this recipe and was intrigued to try as it only require 3 ingredients - Peanut butter, brown sugar and 1 egg! I wanna a bit of crunch so I added 2Tbsp of plain flour. Thankfully it turns out well!

I use ice cream scoop for the first tray in. It is so cute and doesnt spread during baking. Great! 

I made some that was in the same pattern as the recipe owner. So cute! The checkers details reminds me of McVites and I dunno why. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ LOL! 

Overall, I would say its a simple and great recipe for Peanut butter lover. But on the sweetness level, I would need to drop a bit of the sugar! Peanut fragrance is so yums! Texture is chewy with a bit of crunch. Try them soon!!

Peanut Butter Cookie (adapted and slightly modified from RecipeTin)
240g Peanut butter
200g Brown sugar
1 egg
2Tbsp Plain flour

Added some choc chips

1) Mix all ingredients together. Using an ice cream scoop and drop them on baking paper.
2) Bake them at 180deg for 12mins. Cool fully before storing in airtight container.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Caramel Custard Pudding


Hub was looking for custard pudding that we used to eat almost every single chance we could when we went back to Ipoh. This custard pudding is homemade daily with limited quantity. Oh now he makes me want to eat all the other ipoh food like char kway teow, fried chicken and oh ya, their kopi-bing is the best!!

After looking around to see where I could get them for him, I told him I would make it for him, without even thinking if I could. The last I made them, I remember it wasnt perfect as I was just starting to learn baking. This time, I made sure to go to my no-fail source to see if I could find it in her recipe collections! 

Ta-daaahhh. This time round it sets nicely after baking! Yay! And the waiting to be chilled so I can unmould it, NERVOUS.... Thankfully it went well and Hub gave thumbs up! Shall make them again soon so I can finish up my whipping cream!!! 

Caramel custard pudding (recipe from Miki Food Archives)
Egg pudding: 
2 Whole eggs
2 Yolks
300ml Milk
100ml Whipping cream
1Tbsp vanilla extract
50g sugar

30g water
100g Sugar

1) Prepare caramel in a small pot and bring to boil til it caramelise. Be careful as it will splatter esp if you accidentally drip water into it.
2) Fill ramekin with caramel and leave it to cool and set
3) Prepare egg pudding by mixing all the ingredients well
4) Sieve them over the cooled caramel in the ramekin then cover with foil
5) Water bath bake for 30mins at 150deg, then another 10mins at 180deg
6) Cool them down before chilling in fridge. Use butter knife to loosen pudding to ease removing them from ramekin. Serve cold.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Tom Yum Clams

Been wanting to do a short recipe on my favourite dish - Clams!! Many ways I cooked them
before, spicy or no spicy, all i love! So long its clams is ❤️

Today shall a very simple recipe that anyone can cook at home! And frozen clams are so clean now! Only rinse 2-3x til water runs clear. Yes! That CONVENIENT! Always keep 1-2 packs in freezer for days I crave or when I crave spicy! Yums!!!

Video recipe:
Tom Yum Clams
500g clams
2 tomatoes, chopped
3 coriander, chopped
2/3Tsp Tom yum paste
some chopped garlic
2 chilli padi, chopped

1) Sautee garlic n mix in tom yum paste
2) Stir in tomatoes, add enough water to cover tomatoes. Simmer slightly
3) Add in clams and stir well.
4) Stir in coriander and bring to boil
5) Taste before adding in chilli padu. Stir n serve warm

Monday, July 6, 2020

Stirfry Ginger & Onions Froglegs

Been always wanting to try cooking froglegs at home but always missed the chance to buy some froglegs. Finally managed to get some from my pork supplier and here comes my maiden attempt!

Stirfry some onions and ginger til fragrant, add in the marinated froglegs and then the sauce with some water to simmer and its done! Simple, yet so yummy dish! Try this dish, if you want you can add some chopped chilli padi to make it spicy.. 

Stirfry Ginger & Onions Froglegs
450g frozen froglegs 
Marinate: 1Tbsp of Huatiao, Dark soy, Light soy 

Ginger, thin slices
Onion, thin slices
1Tbsp Oyster sauce
1Tbsp Dark soy 
1Tbsp Huatio
1/2 ricebowl water

1) Fry onions and ginger til fragrant
2) Add in froglegs and mix well
3) Add in oyster sauce, dark soy and huatiao once frogleg chg to whitish colour. Mix well
4) Add in 1/2 ricebowl water and simmer on low til cooked. Serve warm

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Brown sugar boba II

Saw this new milk from Magnolia and finally got my hands on it. Decided to make some brown sugar boba to try it with the milk! 

I didnt roll them as feeling lazy, jus cut into small cubes and coat with tapioca flour. Shake off excess flour before boiling them. Then strain and put them in iced water. Quickly bring to boil brown sugar and water for the syrup and adding the boba back in to simmer til it turns thick.

Set aside to cool before using them. It taste soft, chewy with the hint of brown sugar fragrance! Yums! Goes so well with the brown sugar sea salt milk too!! Do give it a try!!

Brown sugar boba (adapted from Oven Fresh by Christine)
50g brown sugar
70ml water
100g tapioca flour

brown sugar syrup: 360ml water + 100g brown sugar

1) Bring brown sugar and water to boil
2) Add in 2-3tbsp of tapioca flour first and stir them til mixture is thick
3) Off fire and add in remaining flour and mix into a dough
4) Pour ontop baking sheet and slowly knead them together (be careful, its hot)
5) Roll out into a flat sheet and cut into strips and desired size and roll into balls (i didnt roll, cut into small cubes) Toss them in tapioca flour
6) Bring to boil a pot of water and shake off excess flour before adding in the boba
7) Boil til it changes colour, approx 10-15mins
8) Strain n put in ice water
9) Mix brown sugar syrup ingredients in pot and bring to boil, add in boba
10) Bring to boil then pour in boba, med heat and stir to prevent sticking
11) Simmer til it becomes thick. Cool before using