Thursday, November 7, 2019

Hokkien Mee

Been wanting to cook Hokkien Mee to go with my homemade sambal belacan. Finally I got all the ingredients needed and get my butt moving!! 

Using this clam juice as my broth, I really love how mild and yet flavourful enough for my Hokkien Mee! Yums! With a drizzle of fish sauce, pepper along with my sambal belacan. Gosh!! Its really YUMMY!!!

I love my hokkien mee with gravy still! Can you see the lovely colour combination!!!

Hokkien Mee 
1 pack hokkien mee (round), blanced
1/2 pack bee hoon, soak to soft and blanched
400g prawns, deshelled
1 sotong, slice
1 thin strip pork belly, thinly cut
1 pack chye sim, cut
3 eggs
700ml clam juice

1) Sautee garlic and stir fry prawns n sotong. Throw in veg when prawns 90% cooked and stir well. Scoop and keep aside to use later
2) Sautee garlic and add in beaten eggs. Stir them til good n a bit charred.
3) Throw in noodles and beehoon then pour in clam juice. Stir well
4) Drizzle some fish sauce n pepper for extra taste and bring to boil
5) Add in the ingredients that is cooked earlier and do a quick toss
6) Serve along with belacan & lime!

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Oreo Swissroll

Forgot a pic before I ‘box’ it so had to make do with this! An impromptu request from a lovely friend who always order once a week for her kids’ tea break! This time she wanna try something different so I recommend her to try Longan crumble muffins which I did before and also swissrolls. She wanna pair Oreo with Vanilla swissrolls so here it is!

I packed a small portion of the Oreo swissroll and also a Longan swissroll made frm leftover longans from making the muffins! I just simply cut them into small bits and put on the buttercream before rolling them up! The piped cream + icing sugar makes the swissroll looks nicer and dreamy! Hahaha! 

Here’s a closeup! Only shortfall is the swissroll skin still tears slightly when I peel the baking paper off. I wonder how many times I have to do to perfect it! Lets see!!

Feedback was Oreo was yummy! I tasted the ends of both swissrolls. The cake itself so soft and yummy!! Do try it!

Vanilla Swissroll - Makes 2 (adapted from JeannieTay)
4 yolks
40ml oil
60ml milk 
1tsp Vanilla bean paste
20g sugar
70g cake flour
4 whites
50g sugar

Buttercream : Recipe from here)
Oreo : wrapped with crushed oreo cookies + smbc, deco with smbc and mini oreos
Longan : wrapped with longan bite + smbc, deco with smbc n icing sugar

1) Mix all ingredients in (A) well except flour. Then slowly stir in flour and mix well.
2) Beat (B) til soft peaks and fold in 3 additions
3) Bake for 25-30mins at 180deg til top is nicely brown
4) Remove and peel baking paper off and roll up to cool
5) Prepare buttercream and put in piping bag. Wrap when swissroll is cooled and keep chill before serving

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Sweet and Sour Fish

My fav dish and also the kids for now as they like how the crispy fish slices blend with the sweet sour sauce. I usually serve the fishes with the sauce just before eating so that it will still be crispy. 

I mix up the sauce on my own using a mix of few sauces. Adding in cucumber, tomato, onions and if I do remember, I will add my gal’s fav pineapple too! As the kids wants to eat and cant take spicy, I omit the use of chilli sauce for the sauce. Yums! 

This is how the fishes are after frying. Jus marinate the fish slice and coat with tapioca flour before frying them! Its as good as it is on its own! 

Sweet Sour Fish
1 pack of Hoki Fish, sliced
1 tomato, big cube
1 cucumber, small rounds
1 onion, cubed

3Tbsp tomato sauce
2Tbsp plum sauce
1Tbsp oyster sauce
1Tbsp sugar
1/4 bowl water

Tapioca starch to coat fish

1) Coat fish with tapioca starch thinly and fry til both sides nicely browned
2) Sautee onions with oil til fragrant then add in tomato and cucumber and stir lightly
3) Pour in sauce and bring to a small boil. Drizzle over fish before serving.

Battered prawns & fish

Been wanting to make battered prawns for the kids as I myself also love this dish so much! Chanced upon someone sharing this in a facebook group - Singapore Home Cooks and bookmarked it.

I followed the recipe and mix the batter up. It was too dry so i slowly added water and measure the right amount of water to be added. Original poster also added more water to the batter to the right consistency. 

I shallow fry them and waited til the bottom is browned before flipping. If you flip too early the batter will stick to the pot and comes off. 

Totally loved these prawns and I added some mixed herbs to the batter too. Only downside was the salt I added too little. Now I have tried, I will write up the actual amount used so I can always refer back! 

Battered Prawns & Fish
10 medium sized prawns, tail on
8-9 medium sized hoki fish slice

85g plain flour
15g corn flour
3g baking powder
1tsp salt
2tsp mixed herbs
30ml oil
100-120ml water, to be added bit by bit til the right thick runny consistency

1) Heat oil in pan
2) Dip prawns n cover with batter and gently put in pan to be fried
3) Flip only when the bottom part (in the oil) is browned and continue for the other side
4) Flip a few times til prawn or fish is nicely brown. Served warm! 

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Meringue Cookies II

Need to use up the egg whites from some cookies order so decided to weigh the whites and see how much I have. Googled and see whats the ratio for whites:sugar and saw that it says 1:2 is good enough. Decided to take the plunge and try to go with the above ratio! ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿป๐Ÿคž๐Ÿป

Tried to learn to do swirls of colours, seems like it require some technique. First i put too much colouring gel, had throw away some of the pink ones frm the front. Then I realised I forgot my piping tips! Gosh, so i had to make do with what I had and pipe into round disc and little monsters! Using the eye toppings I bought previously and drop onto each little monster. 

I think may need to bake longer next round as 1hr doesnt seems enough. Maybe the monsters are too thick so the texture is crispy and slight chewy! Sweet, definitely it is! LoL!

Packed them into individual packs for the big kids to share with their friends at school!  Gonna try again!! 

Meringue cookies
150g Whites
300g Sugar
1tsp Vanilla paste

1) Beat whites til frothy and slowly add sugar bit by bit.
2) Beat til white is glossy and thick.
3) Colour as desired and pipe into preferred shape.
4) Bake at 120deg for 60mins or more til meringue cookies are dry. Leave to cool in oven with door ajar. Store in airtight once cooled.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Soft Honey Bread Loaf

Saw Zoe from BakeForHappyKids shared this recipe and was so wow-ed by the texture! And that it uses honey instead of sugar even gets me more keen to try them! 

I halve the recipe for a loaf as my hub prefers wholemeal. So i bake them for the kids going to school for breakfast and make a mini loaf for their slider sandwich for school recess! (Oh I wonder when they will get sick of home lunchboxes as they have been bringing it for the past 3yrs and more) 

Back to the bread, I uses egg wash for a nicer hue! Indeed it is, so nicely browned. The texture is soft with a slight crusty exterior for mine. Maybe cos I bake it slightly longer. I tried a small pc from the mini loaf and love that chewy bread texture! Super super love. And all it needs was jus using the Breadmaker to knead for 30mins! The only downside was the dough was a bit sticky to handle and I had to call for help to get some breadflour to flour my working place! 

It goes very well with curry for my dinner. So soft and yummy! Another reason why I baked them today too as my house usually buys wholemeal bread. But its weird how wholemeal bread doesnt goes well with curry. Or is it me? hahaha ๐Ÿ˜‚

The mini loaf went with the slider and cheese for my kids to bring to school. isn't the size perfect? I think overall, its a great recipe! I am planning to use it tml as a raisin loaf! Yums!! 

Soft Honey Bread Loaf (Adapted from BakeForHappyKids)
*halve the recipe for 1 loaf
230g Water
22.5g Honey
325g Bread flour
22.5g Milk powder
2g Salt
25g Butter
1tsp Yeast

1) Put the ingredients as per above sequence and run the BM to knead for 30mins
2) Proof for an hour then divide into 3 portions
3) Roll out flat then roll up  swissroll, then repeat once more before placing in a grease bread tin
4)) Proof for 1 hour, eggwash then bake for 180deg for 30mins or when top is nicely browned and bread is cooked

Friday, September 20, 2019

Double Chocolate Chips Muffins

A neighbour friend baked them for me to try and immediately fell in love with it. Quickly ask for recipe and waited til today then have time to bake them! Decided to bring along for a simple gathering with a group of friends whom i made recently this year! 

I used the ikea cup liners and baked them in the ikea silicon cups. Couldnt find the old tall muffin trays there anymore. So sad! I saw something similar selling over $30 in ezbuy. Shall wait for my nxt overseas trip to see if I can chance upon anything cheaper. 

Oh the smell of baking them is super therapeutic! Smells like heaven with the rich chocolate aroma! Totally enjoying them! Wonderful! 

Packed them up for my gathering tml with cling wrap as to prevent them from drying up. And also was worried about ants too! Hopefully my friends n their kids will enjoy this rich chocolate muffins!  Definitely worth burning some calories for them! Rich, moist and soft! A go to for my choc fix! Try it. 

Double Chocolate Chips Muffins (makes 18 medium size)
115g Butter
150g Sugar (original recipe calls for 175g)
2 eggs
180g Melted chocolate
250ml Buttermilk (I use 250ml + 1tsp lemon juice and sit 1min)

Dry ingredients:
250g Plain flour
1tsp Baking powder
1/3tsp Baking soda
1/4tsp salt

Handful of dark & milk chocolate chips

1) Melt chocolate and set aside
2) Cream butter and sugar til light pale yellow
3) Add in eggs and mix well
4) Add in melted chocolate
5) Alternate butter milk and dry ingredients, starting and ending with dry in 3 additions
6) Fold in chocolate chips
7) Scoop just slightly to the brim of cupcake liners
8) Bake at 180def for 30mins

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Simple Sponge Cake - Revisit

Make them today to clear my optima sponge mix. Made a simple pandan flavour for everyone and some friends. Love the mild pandan fragrance and yet not overly sweet. 

I replaced coconut milk & pandan juice with milk. Rewriting this post so I can reference whenever I am baking a simple sponge with this premix. Light and fragrance. 

Simple Sponge Cake
250g Sponge Mix
4 Eggs
3Tbsp Milk
3Tbsp Milk + 1.5Tbsp Milk + 1tsp Pandan paste (mix well)

1) Beat Eggs n Sponge mix to balloon stage. It should be a thick consistency
2) Add in 3Tbsp milk while continue to beat at low speed
3) Pour in milk mixture at the side and fold in gently
4) Bake at 170deg for 30-45mins

Tako Balls

Been wanting to do this again after i gotten the non-stick tako ball pan. A nice neighbour turn friend got me a pack of the flour for me to reattempt after my first try failed. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Using the tako ball mix from Don Don Donki. As the instructions was partially covered by the english label (for the ingredients), I made a rough estimation on what I could managed to see and mix the batter up. Phew! I think it seems alright! 

First i heat up and took up pan. Pour batter with a ladle, put in ingredients then let it set a bit. Using the sticks to flip them up a bit, i scoop more batter to cover them. And repeat a few times til i successfully make them into balls! 

Once it turns into a ball, doesnt have to be a perfect ball shape, i let then cook til nicely browned before taking them out. I topped them with the tako ball brown sauce (got from don don donki) , mayo and bonito flakes (got this from daiso). 

This is how it looks like inside after I took a bite. I think it is good for a first attempt! Yums!! Need practise more!!

Tako Balls (makes 36)
4 slices Ham, small cubes
Frozen corn
4 slices Cheese, small squares

250ml Tako ball mix
400ml water
1 egg

Stir and mix well with a whisk. Follow above steps.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Beef Stew

I have been wanting to try making beef stew but then a bit worried the kids not used to such stews. The other day i saw someone using tomato paste and fresh tomato to make the stew. It intrigues me to use them to make for the kids since they love tomatoes! 

As I uses n season them, i added some oyster sauce too. I am using the Marks & Spencer Tomato & Basil Bruschetta topping (photo from web) as well as fresh tomatoes! Adding in carrots and potatoes, the whole stew taste wonderful! Both hub and kids love it!

Beef Stew (serves 4 pax)
480-500g beef cubes
3 tomato, wedge
2 potato, quarters
1 carrot, big cubes
Some baby corn

1 jar Tomato & Basil Bruschetta topping
3Tbsp Oyster Sauce
Water, adjust accordingly to your taste
Dash of pepper
Grounded basil leaves

1) Sautee beef cubes til browned on outside
2) Add in potato, tomato wedges, carrots and mix the well
3) Add in seasoning and enough water to cover the beef, simmer for 30-45mins
4) Throw in baby corn, pepper, grounded basil n stir well. Serve warm with rice