Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Malt Soya Bean Wholemeal Bread

Still using same recipe, I am replacing it with Malt Soya Bean for the milk portion.. Trying to see how it will taste. Hahhaa, just for the fun of usual experiment..

This is the Malt Soya Bean drink I am using,..

Review: Bread still as soft, and I even forgot to take it out from BM after it's done. Tastewise is ok, a hint of malt taste which taste like honey to me. Else than that, it is quite similar to my usual Wholemeal Bread loaf. Yummy..

Yummy Raisins & Chocolate Chips Cookies

This morning woke up, feeling a strong need to bake. I decided to bake the yummy cookies that Neo posted up recently. The recipe is from Jasmine from a FB group - Baking Wonderland. And before I start on my cookies, I had to settle my mum's cake..

My mum's is using optima flour, simple way of making sponge. I use 250g flour for this 9" cake. After pouring batter in, I leave about 50g batter with 3Tbsp Coco and 1Tbsp milk and mix. Then pour on the top and make swirls. 

So while my cake bakes, I pour ingredients to my BM and proceed to mix the cookies. Very simple 2 steps and you are ready to bake. A pity was that the end results produce not enough cookies to munch. It's so yummy and flavourful that I felt it could not even last a day before it's all gone..

I am planning on baking them as Xmas gifts.... Heee...

 I am submitting this to the "Baby Sumo's Christmas Recipes Collection 2013" event which is hosted by Baby Sumo of Eat Your Heart Out.

Raisins & Chocolate Chips Cookies (recipe from Jasmine in FB - Baking Wonderland)
100g Butter
10g Milk
50g Sugar (reduced to 40g)
90g Plain Flour
30g Wholemeal Bread Flour
1/4tsp Baking Soda
50g chocolate chips
15g raisins

1) Mix butter, sugar and milk together. Mix in flour then chocolate chips and raisins.
2) Drop spoonful of batter onto tray. Bake at 180deg for 12-15mins or til browned..

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mixed Herb Cheese Sticks

As Christmas is drawing close, I realized that we won't be having any Christmas feast as my family are going on a trip. Though I don't have any family Christmas party, I so have a mini post-Christmas Staycation with 2 of my GFs and their little family as well.

We will be having a mini BBQ session, as well as a simple gift exchange session. We started this since last year, we had it at Kranji Farm resort with Groupon deals. We had a 2D1N and simple dinner at Jurong Point before heading back to resort for gift exchange and feast on log cakes.

What makes me think of Christmas was the mixed herbs cheese sticks that reminds me of how well it will go with the soup that we will have during our Christmas feast yearly. As well as having them as starters before the mains. Therefore I am sharing them with every eon so that even though I missed out on serving them, you can have them with your Christmas feast. 

 I am submitting this to the "Baby Sumo's Christmas Recipes Collection 2013" event which is hosted by Baby Sumo of Eat Your Heart Out.

Mixed Herbs Cheese Sticks (modified slightly from here)
230g Milk
340g Bread Flour
20g Sugar
3g Mixed Herbs
2g Yeast
1tsp Salt
30g Butter

1) Put ingredients in above sequence, leaving butter last. Once dough form, add butter and continue to knead. (Menu 8, Light Crust)
2) Once proof, when BM beeps, take dough out and separate into 60g each. 
3) Flatten and roll into strips and leave it to proof another 30-45mins.
4) Brush milk over and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. Bake at 190deg for 20-25mins when cheese start to brown. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Chicky Meal (in less than $10)

As my mum gave me some home-made chicken rice chilli, I decided to make chicken for meal times so that I can enjoy the chilli. Haha~

Both the meals cost me less than $10 for 3 adults and 2 toddlers meal. On my first nite, I steam white chicken, served with Caixin Wanton Soup to go with rice. I spent a total of $7 for my meal. Delicious, cheap and healthy.. ($5.35 chix+$0.65 veg+$1 wanton) 

On the second nite, my gal says she craved for stew eggs, so I decided to try my virgin attempt on Stew Soya Sauce Chicken, based on the recipe that I usually used for stewing meat. It came out a success, my grandma couldn't stop pinching the chicken after it came out from wok. And most impt my gal had her stew eggs!! My cost $6.35. ($5.35 chix+$1 eggs)

Try people, it is economical and healthy and most impt, simple to prepare.

Steam White Chix
1 Chix
Some salt
2-3 slices of ginger
Sauce to drizzle: 1Tbsp Sesame Oil + 1Tbsp Lt Soy Sauce + 1tsp Hua Tiao

1) Wash and pour boiling water over chicken. Drain and set aside.
2) Chop off the chicken feet nails, clean the inside. Rub salt over chicken and leave it for 45mins.
3) Wash away the salt, pat dry. Put ginger slice inside chicken and steam for 20mins. Open the cover and leave it to cool.
4) Chop chicken, drizzle sauce and serve with rice.

Stew Soya Sauce Chicken
1 Chicken
2Tbsp Sesame Oil
2Tbsp Lt Soy Sauce
2Tbsp Dark Soy Sauce
2Tbsp Oyster Sauce
1Tbsp 5-Spice Powder
1tsp Hua Tiao
1tsp Cornflour
Dash of pepper
2 thick slice of ginger
1/2 clove Garlic

1) Wash and pour boiling water over chicken. Drain and set aside.
2) Chop off the chicken feet nails, clean the inside. Mix all ingredients except ginger and garlic and rub all over chicken. Stuff the garlic and ginger inside and put in zip log to marinate for 45mins or overnight if you want to prepare ahead.
3) Put chicken into wok with sauce, add 1-2 bowl of water and bring to boil.
4) Lower heat once boiling and cover wok, return every 5-8mins to drizzle gravy over chicken and toss chicken to prevent chicken burnt.
5) Arnd 20-25mins, test if chicken is cooked by poking chopstick thru chicken. If chopsticks go thru easily means chicken is cooked.
6) Dish chicken out and add hard boiled eggs if you wan some stew eggs. Boil for 15-20mins, adding bits of water if it gets lesser. Serve with rice.

IHCC: Chocolate Cookies

Been a while since I submitted any entries for anything. Since Xmas is coming closer, I decided to submit something for IHCC, using Donna Hay's recipe. I decided on her Candy Cane cookies since I was planning to let my gal do some deco for them.

It is quite a simple recipe, and I omit the melted and chopped chocolate as I don't want it  overly chocolatey for the kids. I have 2 upcoming trip for year end so don't want them falling sick again since they took a while to recover from episode of cough and flu.

I gave my gal some sweets and it sort of 'lure' my boy over who also wanna kpo a bit. He helped with putting some hearts sprinkles and licking his fingers as he does. Definitely a treat for him.

The cookie harden as it cool and it is quite soft when it is just out of oven. Advisable to let it cool on tray before removing them. I reduce the sugar slightly and it is not too sweet. The kids definitely enjoyed them..

I am submitting this post to I Heart Cooking Clubs (IHCC).

Chocolate Cookies (adapted, modified from Donna Hay)
110g Butter
150g Brown Sugar
150g Plain Flour (I use 100g plain and replace remaining with bread flour as I ran out of plain flour)
25g Coco powder
1 Egg
1tsp Vanilla Extract

2 mini candy came, crushed
1 mini pkt M&M
3 Caramel Eclairs
Some hearts sprinkles

1) Mix butter and sugar til light. Add in egg and vanilla extract.
2) Fold in flour and mix well.
3) Put spoonful of mixture n flatten slightly. Put on deco as desired.
4) Bake at 180deg for 15-20min. Cool on tray.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

小小面包和米奇 (Little breads & Mickey head)

Using back my favourite recipe, I make the little buns and 2 Mickey heads for the little devils at home. This school holiday is keeping me 'lazy'... Arghh... Haven been baking but I promised I gonna make some cookies pop soon... (When I am feeling great with the little ones)

Today I stuff a big choc chip into each bread dough, weighing 10g each before rolling them into little balls. Then decided to make bigger balls with a handful of choc chips as chocolate fillings for the bread and stick 2 10g balls as ears. Bet the kids will grin and shout 'Mickey Mouse' haha~

Today I bake them for 10mins then turn the tray over for another 10mins. Not too crusty top and interior is soft soft. Better end results than the other round when I baked them too long... =)

Friday, December 6, 2013

Wholemeal Double Chocolate Chips Loaf

The other day I chanced upon those 'ang-moh' brand of Strong Wholemeal Bread flour. I always wanted to try the difference with mixing Wholemeal flour + Bread flour with those Wholemeal Bread flour. When I saw the pkt of Wholemeal Bread flour is on offer, as expiring end Dec, I know it's a chance to buy n try and see if it's worth to spend tt amount of money to get that instead of buying 2 different flours.

I first tried with using all Wholemeal Bread Flour, the results wasn't satisfying. It is soft but slightly dry. Hubby still finished that loaf. After that I have been exploring different ratio of the Wholemeal Bread Flour to mix with the normal Bread Flour to achieve a soft and not dry loaf. Below is what I modified based on my trial. 

I simply love Dbl-Chocolate Chips bread but it is so chocolatey sinful... At least this loaf is Wholemeal, so the sinful level is lessen. And did I mention, it is organic!!! I specially bake the loaf today to give them to my GFs. Last week I baked 1 plain and chocolate loaf for another GF. According to her, her family likes it and finished the nxt morning. Keeping my fingers crossed, I hope my GFs will enjoy theirs too...

Wholemeal Dbl-Chocolate Chips Bread Loaf (adapted and modified from here)
230ml Milk
300g Bread Flour
50g Wholemeal Bread Flour
20g Coco Powder
40g Sugar
2g Yeast
1tsp Salt
35g Butter

1) Put ingredients according to sequence based on recipe, leaving butter last, salt and sugar at opposite corners, yeast on top of flour.
2) Put to Menu 8: Dough function. Add butter when dough is form.
3) After mixing around 10-15mins, so long dough looks smooth and elastic. Stop machine and choose Menu 1: Basic Loaf, Light Crust. (Reason I choose dough function is to knead my dough longer so it yields a softer bread)
4) Once left 20mins, keep checking. I usually take out about 15-10mins earlier. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Oven-Baked Nuggets

This recipe was shared by a member in Culinary Kitchenette, was quite intrigued as it is a healthy version for nuggets. I decided to give it a try, along with the kids' favourite - Ham & Corn Fritters to serve with Fried noodles for dinner.

I am using back the same recipe previously for the Prawn & Veg Fritters, replacing Ham & Corn. I added an additional tsp of fish gravy as the previous attempt is not flavourful enough. It is a simple dish that my kids love when I did the prawn version. Tonight's version is made up of my kids' favourite - Corn. Yummy...

As for the oven-baked nuggets, I find it a bit not flavourful enough. I guess healthier version usually can't beat the unhealthy version huh?! But it is indeed crispy and taste like nuggets. I think I would marinate the Chix fillet with a bit of salt and pepper overnight, before doing the usual coating. Shall try soon and update if it works. It's still worth a try especially if you wan to replace all the deep-fried food.. 

Oven-Baked Nuggets (adapted and adjusted slightly from OnePotChef)
3-4strips go Chix Fillet, cut into small chunks
1/2Cup Plain Flour, add 1tsp salt & pepper
1Cup Breadcrumbs
1 Egg + 2Tbsp Milk

1) I washed the Chix chunks and wiped dry with kitchen towel. 
2) Dip and coat Chix with flour and shake off excess.
3) Dip into egg mixture and shake off excess.
4) Coat with breadcrumbs and shake off excess.
5) Repeat Step 2-4 and cover with cling wrap for 30mins.
6) Bake at 170deg for 25-30mins til cooked. Serve warm.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday to my boy!!

I have taken a long break from baking else than the usual bread loaf for breakfast. It's has been rather busy with fren's daughter birthday, fren's wedding and also partly, laziness.. Hhahha..

Today is my boy's birthday. As our usual practice, we will go swensens for dinner and have their signature firehouse. Hubby actually asked me not to bake any cakes but mummy can't live with the guilt of not baking one. In my last minute rush, I used optima flour for fail-proof sponge and made buttercream (with fingers crossed cos I haven make smbc for a long time)

I baked the sponge with the new baking tin that have a 'Birthday' theme but I didn't unmould well so I had to cream the cake too... So in a rush, I had to cream quickly, touch up slightly and do my wordings.

My gal helped to deco the sides of cake, topped the deco for cupcakes and happily said that she made them for lil brother's birthday.... With that, I wish my boy a very Happy Birthday!! Stay healthy and grow up obedient.. =) That's the greatest gift to mummy and daddy...

Vanilla Sponge
250g Optima flour
4 eggs
 6 Tbsp Milk
1tsp Vanilla Extract
1 1/2 Tbsp Canola Oil

Chocolate Sponge
125g Optima Flour
2 Eggs
3Tbsp Milk
1tsp Coco Powder
3/4Tbsp Oil

1) (Both using same method) Beat eggs and flour til light and fluffy.
2) Add milk and vanilla extract. Continue to beat til soft peak, almost ribbon stage.
3) Fold in oil gently. 
4) Fill cupcakes to 2/3 full. Pour remaining vanilla batter into cake tin. Bake cupcakes at 170deg for 20-25mins
5) Repeat steps 1-3 for chocolate sponge. 
6) Pour into same cake tin from center. Bake at 170deg for 40-45mins.

Swiss Meringue Buttercream (adapted from TasteGoblet)
4 whites
1/2 Cup sugar 
200g Butter
1tsp Vanilla Essence

1) Dpuble boil sugar and egg whites til sugar is dissolved.
2) Use mixer and beat on high til soft glossy peak. Add in cubed butter slowly and continue to beat.
3) Once it reaches medium soft peak, add in vanilla extract and beat to mix. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

'Mini' Marble Buns & Strawberry Buns

My gal loves to have mini buns as she feels that mini buns are for mini people, like herself. Haha~ She loves it when I make special shapes for her as well. Thus I decided to make choc marble buns for her, as she likes to ask me to buy for her from the bakery.. 

I am using this recipe, I 2x the recipe, using half for loaf bread and balance into mini buns for Irisa to bring to school for Deepavali celebration. I did a trial and I ended up with too thick paste, after cutting them, it oozes out. So this round, I decided to brush on bottom layer, then top with another layer of bread. Cut into bite size and bake them like the mini cheese bun I did prev. But again, the shaping isn't tt nice, and I slightly over-baked, thus the crust is slightly crispy.

Worried that the bread is a bit hard for the kids, I make another batch of bread, replacing all the milk with strawberry milk. So we have some mini strawberry buns too..

Though my trial, 2nd attempt wasn't perfect, both my kids really like them. It is yummy that Irisa have thumbs up! I will continue to explore since my kids love the mini buns & I hope her classmate will love them too... =)

Chocolate Paste (modified slightly from Carol)
*I only used half the paste*
25g Chocolate Chips
10g Butter
20g Milk
15g Cornflour
10g Bread Flour
5g Coco powder

1) Melt butter and chocolate chips using microwave on 10 seconds intervals. Then add in remaining ingredients into a paste.
2) Put on cling wrap and shaped into a square, put in fridge for later use.
3) Once dough is ready, put in between 2 flat bread dough, roll it and cut into desired sizes.

Monday, November 4, 2013

A weekend brunch

Last Sunday, we went for brunch with my GFs and their lil family as well. We initially wanted to go to indoor playground but with the crowded weekend, hefty price tag, I suggested going to The Bank Bar & Bistro in Shenton Way. 

I learnt about this place from and their reviews was very good. We decided to give it a try, bearing in mind that we can sit longer, as in sit in the playroom to chat while the kids 'digest' their energy. Lol~ 

Every adult that orders a main, majority of the items in their menu will get a kids to dine for free on weekends. Both me and hubby had The Bank Breakfast which comes with choice of Chix with Cheese/Pork sausage, choice of eggs, toast, pan-fried mushrooms & potatoes and a small serving of baked beans. The kids had Spahgetti Bolognaise and Fish n Chips. 

Unfortunately for myself, hubby commented that the sausage taste funny after I fed 1 of mine to the kids. We sort of had a 'tasting' session with my GFs Bank Breakfast, comparing the sausage. Apparently the remaining sausage taste sourish to me and I did a quick feedback. (Keeping fingers crossed that the kids could have eaten the normal sausage instead of the same as mine since all the sausage tasted different) My GF's portion tasted normal, mine was like gonna turn back, hubby's was like in between. 

Though they return me a new plate of breakfast, to me, most impt is that nothing will happen to the kids. Luckily the kids meal was ok. And I did learn a lesson from the incident - to taste everything before we feed the kids. 

We spent almost 2hrs in the playroom,before coming out to 'redeem' the free scoop of ice cream that comes with the kids meal. I ordered a vanilla cheesecake which I didn't liked, and a iced cappuccino that was not 'coffee' enough. 

Towards the end while we make our bill, we were given a feedback form. I did write down about the unpleasant incident as Chef claim that is how the sausage taste. But seriously how can 3 plate of the same breakfast, with all the pork sausage tasting different? But nonetheless, I don't mind giving the, 1 more chance on the pretext of using the not overcrowded playroom to enjoy bonding time with my GF again.