Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Request from hubby, message passed by my gal!

 Since the last episode of Blueberry Yogurt Ice Cream, I have been waiting to bring myself to make another ice cream. Been browsing and browsing and finally I saw this recipe from the book - Gelato, Ice Cream, Sherbet by Kumiko Yanase. 

I borrowed this book frm the library cos I wanna try all the different types of ice cream & sherbet with my ice cream maker. The gelato are much simpler recipe, without eggs & ice cream are with eggs. As for sherbet, I doubt I will try cos no one in the family likes the texture, except maybe my kids. Anything cold, sweet means its yummy!!

The 1st recipe to try was the Salted Caramel, hubby told my gal to remind me to make this for him. Hahah~ I think I promised this when I bought the maker. Did I? I can't remember. Anyway the steps are simple cos I did this process before making the Cookies & Cream ice cream from Browneyedbaker previously. It yields a very creamy and yummy ice cream. I am hoping that this recipe would also yield that, and with the maker to churn, a better texture?

So, I prepared the mixture while my gal was in school. In the process of cooling down, I could let her do the job of pouring into the maker after dinner as a dessert tonight. I guess she is thrilled cos somehow it feels like she made it. Lol~ Simple way to cheer you lil ones at home.

Verdict: It is super yummy, not too sweet with the 'caramel' taste.. The only flaw was I couldn't enjoy straight after churning, I wonder why still soft and slightly runny. So I freeze overnight after churning, whisk it twice within an hour interval to break them up. The next morning, first thing was to check on it. Yummy!! Should really try it..

I am submitting this post to Cook Your Cookbook #2, hosted by Joyce of Kitchen Flavours.

Salted Caramel Ice Cream (from Book - Gelato, Ice Cream, Sherbet by Kumiko Yanase)
50g Sugar
1Tbsp Water

3 Yolks
50g Sugar
100ml Whipping Cream
340ml Milk
Pinch of Salt
*1tsp Vanilla Extract

1) Take sugar and water in pot, cook over low fire. Stirring continuously. In the meantime, warm up whipping cream in microwave for 30seconds.
*note that my sugar becomes harden before melting again to form brownish syrup*
2) Beat yolks and sugar til pale yellow. 
3) Once sugar starts to browned, slowly add in warm whipping cream, drizzling on the back of spoon. 
*take note, it will platter so add a little at a time*
4) Add milk to mixture and stir til start to boil. Pour 1/2 mixture into yolk mixture, stirring continuously til sugar dissolves. 
5) Pour back into pot, stir til mixture becomes thick, can coat back of spoon. Off fire, cool over cold water. Fridge for 3-4hours.
5) Churn in ice cream maker. Put in airtight container then freeze til slightly form. Serve.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Oyako-Don (Chix & Egg Rice Bowl)

After seeing those Katsu-don, typically Japanese rice bowl, somehow quite keen to try my hand at it. It looks very simple but the challenging part would be to cook the egg til watery but not raw, and u can slurp it with th rice & meat. Mmmm..

Anyway, I decided to go for a non-deep fried version, meaning I will néed to pan fried or stir fry the meat or whichever ingredients. Since I am preparing for the kids, I decided to go 'onion-less'. First, I am always picking out the onions when I have this outside. Secondly, I doubt the kids would love it either. In order to make it more 'whole, I added frozen peas, carrots, corn and chopped lettuce to the meal. I go for a 'Fish' version cos Fish is better for kids to eat. Right?

I did 2 versions today, the chicken version for adults and fish for my lil ones. My hubby added a lil sukiyaki sauce to his, and my gal had some tomato sauce to hers (remind me of omurice, so that is the next challenge!) Both me and my boy had it plain and we all cleaned up the bowls. It is so simple, yet complete meal. Good to cook when you are alone with kids or feeling super lazy yet guilty if you don't cook. (You know what I mean right?) I completed everything in less than 30mins, including preparing the ingredients.

Verdict: Super yummy, and the gravy from the dashi stock, the watery eggs, the combi of the lettuce & meat. One word - YUMMY!! I will definetely cook it again, even when I am not lazy..

Oyako-Don, Fish & Chicken version (I refer and modified from tofoodwithluv)
1 Slice of Chix Thigh Meat, sliced
1 Slice of Threadfin Fillet, sliced
**Marinate both with sesame oil, pepper & cornflour
Lettuce, cut into strips
2Tbsp Frozen Carrots, Peas & Corns
1/2Bunch Japanese Oyster Mushroom
4 eggs, beaten

Dashi Stock - I put a sachet of dashi soup mix into 3 Cups hot water. Soak while I prepare the ingredients. 

1) Prepare dashi stock, Cook rice. While waiting for rice, prepare all ingredients.

2) Fry fish slice in pan, add oyster mushroom and frozen veg. Once 50% cooked, add 1/2Cup of dashi stock and bring to boil. 
3) Scoop rice to bowl. Add lettuce to boiling ingredients, add in beaten eggs then swirl a little. Once eggs are almost cooked, off the fire and gently scoop over rice. Serve warm.
**repeat same method for chix**

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Creamcheese Pound Cake II

After a tiring weekend, I decided to bake the Creamcheese Pound Cake once again. Using the same recipe, which I accidentally added 'extra' ingredients, I halve the recipe for 2 mini pound cakes. Hubby says he still prefer this Creamcheese Pound Cake more than those Baked NY Cheesecake or Non-baked Tofu Cheesecake. Haha~

I guess that he prefer this type of cakes, cos it is light and taste less sinful than those heavy cheesecake. Lol~ Wat to do? Old and need to watch our diet.. Actually, lucky for me, I don't have sweet tooth, I seldom eat my bakes except to taste them. Mmmm...

Simply love the fragrance of this cake while baking. Light butter, Creamcheese smell will fill the house. Try baking this, am sure taste well when you serve with a scoop of ice cream too...

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Onde Onde.........

This has always been a childhood must-have when we had our afternoon snacks. I still remember when I was young, grandma always send me to the mini market near her place to buy some kueh kueh back. Usually she will ask for her green Onde onde, the Pandan flavour. Inside have some grated coconuts with brown sugar. Another is with just gula Melaka. 

This is 1 of my hubby's fav too. He likes to eat nice ones, slightly wet with the melted gula when you bite into it. The liquid will actually burst in your mouth. Sounds yummy huh! So when I saw Alan posting this in his blog, I so want to try them..

I know this is a favourite snacks, especially among the elderly in the family. I decided to make them and bring along to my uncle's son full month celebration as a treat. As well as to get feedbacks.. I prepare the dough and wrapped the filling nite before. Boil them on the morning before I went to the celebration. Fresh and not afraid of it turning bad..

Verdict: All have good feedback, the dough is not too hard like those you buy from outside. Filling is just nice, not too sweet. Very yummy! Even hubby and grandma gave Thumbs Up! Hurray..

After the celebration, we went for buffet at Kiseki, Orchard Central. Very worth the $$, but hate the service there. Yummy.. Some of the pics taken there...

Onde Onde (adapted from TravellingFoodies)
330g Sweet Potato
135g Glutinous Rice Flour
80ml Warm Water
150g Gula Melaka (I only used 75g, mix another 100g+75g palm sugar as filling)

50g Grated Coconut
2-3 Pandan Leaves
Pinch of Salt

1) Wash, peel and steam sweet potato for 20-30mins, or til soften. Cool and mash it.
2) Mix with flour and add water gradually. (Not necessary to use all water)
3) Steam grated coconuts with salt & Pandan leaves for 15mins. Meanwhile, weigh 15g dough + 5g Gula Melaka or 10g Coconut+palm sugar mix. 
4) Boil a pot of water, once boiling, add ready-rolled balls of Onde Onde into pot. Once float, dish out and strain. Roll into ready grated coconut. Serve immediately.

**I boil and cool them. Store in fridge and steam them for 5mins the next morning. Roll over steamed grated coconut and serve. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Bake Along #48 - Apple & Blueberries Fruit Buckle

I was wondering what is Fruit Buckle when I saw the next Bake Along theme was that. I googled and realized that it is actually similar to Butter cake, with fruits and topped with crumble toppings. It looks interesting and reminds me of all the crumble cupcakes I did recently.

I decided to use apples & blueberries cos hubby bought some small apples that was slightly sour, so I tot I shall use them up. Together with blueberries, it should be a great combination. It's a very straight forward recipe, easy to make and smells great while baking in the oven. Mmmm.....

Verdict: It is soft and moist, fragrant buttery cake base. I think I added too much apples cos seems like fruits is 70% and cake only 30%. As I slice, my apples kept on dropping... The soft soft apples doesn't taste sour now, it is kinda sweet sour. Very nice~ Perhaps next round I will use 1 apple instead of 2. Yummy treat for my relatives...

I'm submitting my post to Bake-Along with the theme 'Fruit Buckle' hosted by Zoe from Bake For Happy Kids, Joyce from Kitchen Flavours and Lena from Frozen Wings.

Apple & Blueberries Buckle (modified from ChallengeDiary)
113g Butter
1Cup Sugar
2 Eggs
1tsp Vanilla
1 1/2Cup Cake Flour
1Cup Blueberries
2 Apples, cubes

113g Butter
1/2Cup Brown Sugar
6Tbsp Flour
1tsp Cinnamon Powder

1) Mix above toppings til resemble breadcrumbs, leave aside. Cream butter & sugar til light.
2) Add eggs & vanilla. Fold in flour & mix in fruits. Spread toppings on top of cake batter.
3) Bake 180deg for 40-50mins.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Curtis Stone - Southern Fried Chix

I was browsing Curtis Stone recipes and saw this fried chix , and I was drooling over it. How can I be always cooking my hubby & kids fav, so I decided to fried the Chix when I am serving the Fish & Chips. 

I am always dying for fried chix, my crazy crave each time. Simply love to eat the crispy skin, tender meat so I am always trying different recipes. This recipe seems easy to follow, easy to prepare. I am also interested to know how it will taste after soaking in buttermilk then coating it to fried. 

Verdict: The chix meat is especially soft and tender after soaking in the buttermilk, I presume. Outer skin, it is crispy after deep fried but will soften a bit after cooling down, but won't turn soggy. Not bad in my views. 

I am submitting this to Cook Like A Star, featured chef is Curtis Stone organized by Zoe from Bake For Happy Kids together with co-hosts, Baby Sumo from Eat Your Heart Out and Grace from Life Can Be Simple.

Southern Fried Chix ( adapted & modified slightly from Curtis Stone)
6-7 Drunmsticks
1 Cup Butter milk, I added 1Tbsp lemon juice to 1 Cup milk and sit for 1min
1Cup Plain Flour
1 1/2Tbsp Dry Mustard *omit*
1 1/2Tbsp Paprika *omit*
1Tbsp Garlic Powder
1Tbsp Onion Powder
1Tbsp ground Black Pepper
1 Egg
1Tbsp Water

1) Soak Chix in buttermilk for 2 hours or overnight.
2) Add dry ingredients, mix well on a plate. Mix eggs and water and set aside.
3) Once oil is ready, dip into flour mixture, into egg mister and back to flour mixture again. Deep fried til golden brown.

Curtis Stone - Beer Battered Fish & Chips

As my gal is quite a big fan of fish & chips, I decided to try out this Beer Battered Fish & Chips for her. I have always ordered this Beer Battered Fish & Chips if I see it in menu when I go to restaurants. You will never go wrong cos most of the times, it is usually yummilicious.

I was browsing thru the Curtis Stone recipes then u saw this. As I wanted to submit for Cooking Like A Star, featuring Curtis Stone thus was browsing. I actually bookmarked 2 recipes for it. Another is the Southern Fried Chix, which I am serving alongside my Fish & Chips.

For the chips, I cheated a bit. I used ready frozen chips. Hahah~ So I am only left with marinating & frying the fish, Chix for dinner. Yummy..

Verdict: NEVER use fruit beer for this beer batter, it taste weird, slightly bitter and the fruity taste lingers. All gave me thumbs down and I feel so sorry that I never justify the recipe. As for the skin, it turns soggy very fast after cooling down. It must be serve warm, right after you cook it.

I am submitting this to Cook Like A Star, featured chef is Curtis Stone organized by Zoe from Bake For Happy Kids together with co-hosts, Baby Sumo from Eat Your Heart Out and Grace from Life Can Be Simple.

Beer Battered Fish (adapted & modified slightly from Curtis Stone)
3 Sutchi Fillet
200ml Taiwan Fruit Beer 
1Tbsp Dry Active Yeast
Pinch of sugar
Pinch of salt
Pinch of Pepper
1Cup Plain Flour

1) Coat Sutchi fillets with salt and pepper. 
2) Mix yeast, beer and sugar, leave for 15mins til sugar dissolves.
3) Add plan flour, mix well and cover with wet towel, until large bubbles form, about 45mins.
4) Dip fillets into batter and deep fried til golden brown. Serve with chips or rice.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Durian Cotton Cake

Oh, this is my first time, using durians for my bakes. Haha~ Happy that it turned out well too. (Always having paranoids while I bake chiffon, sponge or cotton cakes, there is bound to be a 30% failure, shrinkage or whatever reason it could be)

This durians are from the feast over the weekends that we shared for, then 'topped up' with grandma's $$ again,. Overflow of durians so each of us packed a little bit back. I told grandma to take some back cos I happen to see this post on Durian Cotton Cake and I want to bake! 

I dragged til today, finally have the energy to bake them. Tiring Monday as I suffered frm the bad hives on Sunday nite b4 I went to bed. Whole nite tossing til AM then my boy cried. Haiz... Anyway today I feel slightly better though my lil boy cried again, and wanna squeeze in between daddy and mummy. Backache la.

Woke up, did this cake while cooking Udon/Mee Suan soup for lunch. Took me more than an hour to bake, luckily in time. And my durians are coarsely mashed up, so you can find a lot of bits of them in the cake. It results in a not so evenly cut up cake but its ok. After fridging them, I am sure it will taste even better. 

I follow exactly the same to the recipe, also increased the mash durians to 100g. Texture wise, it is soft and cottony. Not too sweet, but u will feel the durians lingering even after you have eaten the like an hour before. Yummy!!

Durian Cotton Cake (adapted from FrozenWings)
5 Yolks
1 Egg
50ml Corn Oil
70ml Milk
75g Cake Flour
100g Mashed Durians
5 Whites
60g Sugar
1/4tsp Cream of Tartar *omit*

1) Whip Whites and sugar til stiff peak.
2) Whisk eggs, corn oil, milk and mashed durians. Add in flour and mix well.
3) Fold in 1/3 meringue and add remaining meringue in 2 additions.
4) Steam Bake in water bath for 50-60mins at 160deg for 10mins then lower to 150deg.
*i bake at 160deg for 1hour+, til skewer comes out clean.
5) Invert immediately to cool. Fridge before serving.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Fuss-Free Dinner & Yummy dessert

Today so tired and decided to go for a simple dinner. Oyster sauce Veg with Claypot Rice. I nearly forgotten I got this box of premix that I gotten previously with the Bryani Rice premix. Luckily haven expired and I still got the ingredients from making dumplings so.....

I added 1/2cup more of rice to the premix, and the amount can serve up to 4 adults & 2 lil ones. It is not too saltish and considered fragrant too.. (Esp for Premix pack) I ended the meal with a treat from my fren, her hubby baked Coffee Cheesecake with Salted Caramel. Yummy.

On top of that, today is Racial Harmony Day for for gal, so I dressed her in the new Vietnamese costume that my aunt gotten for her from her recent trip. And guess what, I bumped into BreadTalk selling the Hello Kitty breads & donuts. Got 2 for her afternoon snacks as well. 

Shoo shoo Monday Blues!!

Claypot Rice 
Ya is Claypot Rice premix
100g pork, cubes or slices
Mushroom, cut into halves
Marinate the above with oyster sauce, pepper, sesame oil

1) Pour contents of premix and marinated meat into rice cooker. I added 350ml of water. Cook as per how you cook rice normally.
2) Once cooked, leave it in cooker for another 15-20mins, open and mix rice. Serve warm.

Oyster Sauce Veg
1 Box Romaine Lettuce, Blanched
1Tbsp Sesame Oil + 1Tbsp Oyster Sauce+2Tbsp water from blanching veg

1) Blanch veg and mix the above marinate and pour over veg, sprinkle fried onions.