Thursday, November 27, 2014

Sweet Milk Bread (modified Wholemeal version)

Attempting this recipe again as I really love the fragrance of the buns the previous time I tried it. Wooo.... Really yummy! And for the first time i enjoy eating my own baked bread cos usually it fulfilling the 'itch' to try new recipe as well as for my family. 

I wanna try baking a wholemeal version and reduce sugar slightly as i feel its kinda sweet for me. I replaced 30g of Wholemeal flour & reduce sugar to 30g. 

Baked 2 times into 1 mini loaf, 2 caterpillar, 2 tortoise and 9 buns! Specially fry sardine to eat with the mini loaf. See?!? Even the mini loaf is so soft.. My kids super love this bread and will keep standing beside me to ask when will it be ready whenever i am baking bread.. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Sweet Milk Bun

I have saw and bookmarked this recipe for about 2 weeks and has been sitting on it since then. Then my FB got flooded with pics of this soft and fluffy buns that I couldn't wait and bake them. 

I use my BM to help me knead and let it do the 1st proof in there. After tt I took out to shaped and proof for an hour before baking them. And I did the signature sprinkling of flour on top of the buns as well..

Oh they are so soft and smell lovely. Pls do give this recipe a try!

Sweet Milk Bun (adapted from My Mind Patch)
150g Milk
20g Condensed Milk
3/4tsp Instant Yeast

225g Bread Flour
25g Cake Flour
40g Sugar
1/2tsp Salt
25g Beaten Egg
30g Butter

1) Let the milk, condensed sit in a warm place. Sprinkle yeast on top of mixture and let it sit for 15mins
2) Mix all the dry ingredients together, add in milk & egg mixture and mix into a dough. Rest for 15mins to let the dough absorb the liquid. 
3) Continue to knead the dough til smooth and add in butter. Knead til elastic and proof for 1hour
4) Punch out air from dough and roll out flat on a baking mat. Cut into 9 pieces evenly and roll like a swissroll. Pinch down the sides and bottom into buns. (I make into 6 buns and remaining 3 pcs into long mini roll)
5) Bake them at 170deg for 30-40mins til top is lightly browned. Cool before storing in airtight container.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Famous "Tomato" Rice

Seriously I don't know this recipe originate from who as I just follow and make it after seeing so many friends making it. Some of them really cook it to mimic restaurant style, some were normal home cooked rice joining in the fun. And I am too, simple home cooked fare on my lazy days.

I tried it twice with the first attempt ending up bland as I totally forgot about the seasonings. But luckily I steam meat patty along, jus in case the rice failed, I can quickly cook some porridge to go with it. Luckily the meat patty salvage the bland rice but overall, still consider edible. I also reduce water, ending up with drier rice. Disaster first attempt!

Today I am doing it for the 2nd time, without reducing water, replacing olive olive with sesame oil and not adding any special ingredients. Made Shabu pork enoki wraps and honey wings from Cold storage. 

Rice was slightly wet, just need to keep warm for 10-15mins more and you serve it warm with the dishes prepared. Give it a try.

Tomato Rice Recipe
1 Cup Rice
1 Cup Water
1 Tomato
1tsp Sesame Oil
1tsp Salt
Dash of Pepper

1) Wash and prep rice as per norm, wash n place tomato in center. Once rice is done, stir thru tomato with rice and keep warm til ready to serve. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Milk Toast (中种 method)

This was supposed to be Condensed Milk Toast recipe but as I did not have any condensed milk at home, I substitute all with Full Cream Milk thus the name modified to Milk Toast!

I halve the recipe as I was worried the change of condensed milk to full cream milk will affect bread texture. But luckily it didn't, and with the help of breadmaker, I baked this loaf effortlessly.

Soft and fluffier than yday 排包 in my view. Will use this for bread loaf when I have more time to spend on baking. Pls try this..

I serve it over dinner with Baked Chix, Salmon and Mushroom soup! My boy couldn't stop at 1 slice and had 2!!

Milk Toast (modified slightly from 爱烘培的简单快乐)
Starter: 84g Warm Milk, 140g Bread Flour, 2g Yeast

1) Add milk, followed by flour and yeast on top. Using 'dough' function, mix them and leave to proof for 3x

Main: 20g Egg, 50g Milk, 60g Bread flour, 2g Salt 16g Sugar, 16g Butter

1) Put ingredients as per sequence, except butter. Once come into a dough, add butter.
2) Using Basic Bread Function, let the breadmaker do its job. Enjoy when it's out, cooled and sliced.

Monday, November 10, 2014

排包 (中种法)

Been long since I really shape bread dough as I always rush for time and use my breadmaker. Then I finally found time to make this 排包 and first attempt trying 中种 method too. 

Initially I always tot it would take a long time to use this method as the normal method aldy took 3hr without shaping. Surprisingly this starter dough didn't require very long to proof 3x of its size. I think approx, 45mins? (Pardon, didn't really time as I was brewing herbal tea and prepping lunch)

I used my Breadmaker to mix as it is smaller to wash after that. After 3x the size, I jus dump all the main dough ingredients in and let the BreadMaker mix them, leaving butter last. (I added the butter approx 10mins after mixing) This time another hour to proof. 

The initial dough deter my confidence a bit as it seems really wet. I used a bit of bread flour as I shaped the dough. It was sticky but manageable. I divided into 11x50g strips. Again for 2nd proof to 2x its size.

Bread is soft and fluffy, but I think can be improve as I cld haf added slightly a bit more flour while shaping n dividing the dough. Bad point was I cld divide into 80g n not packed them too tight.

牛奶排包 (adapted from 爱烘培的简单快乐)
Starter : 140g Bread Flour, 106g Warm Milk, 7g Sugar, 3g Yeast

1) Mix all n leave it to proof 3x. (I took 45mins)

Main : 60g Bread Flour, 48g Sugar, 25g Milk, 30g Egg White, 1g Vanilla, 20g Butter

1) Dump all ingredients onto Starter and mix.(slightly wet so I added 10g bread flour)
2) Leave to proof til doubled. (Approx 1hr)
3) Divide dough into 50g ball, rest 15mins
4) Roll flat and into strips. Leave for proof til 2x
5) Brush with yolk + water, ratio 1:1 and bake at 175deg for 18mins or til top browned nicely.