Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Churros - Cinnamon Sugar

Recently I tried Churros from Churros Factory after seeing it many times on FB shared by various frens on the Churros and commented it is nice, delicious blah blah. But it's hard to spot a Churros shop when you are walking or shopping at non-town area. 

Until recently, a fren tried this Churros from Churros Factory that got me spurred as it is not in town, considered a mall I am likely to pop by too. So coincidence, last Sunday Hubby wanted to get something from I12 and so I had my first bite of Churros. 

So here I go, I am trying this recipe from It has a video link as well, making it easy for first timers who want to try making it at home. Very simple and straightforward recipe as well.

I managed to make a big plate, experimenting with different shapes and sizes. And I piped some on baking paper stored in airtight containers and some balanced batter in the piping bag closed in a ziplock bag. Wanna try if I can prep batter nite b4 for fast frying the next day for party at home.

I replaced butter with veg oil. I ended up crispy outside and a slightly soft and moist center. Overall, I am satisfied with this recipe and my kids love it too. (Do note, it is softer than the Churros from Churros Factory) Since there are many versions, I might try some other variations as well SOON! 

Churros (adapted and modified slightly from
250ml Water
1/2cup Butter (replaced 2Tbsp Veg oil)
1tsp Salt
1Tbsp Sugar

140g Flour

1Tbsp Vanilla Extract
1) Boil water, oil, sugar & salt. Off fire, mix in flour n stir into a ball.
2) Add in 1 egg at a time n mix well. Add vanilla extract.
3) Put batter in piping bag. Heat oil n pipe batter slowly.
4) Fry til golden brown n coat with cinnamon n sugar. Served warm.