Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fritters AGAIN....

Decided to cook Fried Mee Tah Mak instead of soup style and was wondering what type of sides to go with. Realized that it's has been a while I made the fritters and I really crave to eat them with my chilli sauce... Yummy!!

Using my previous recipe, I used spinach, Crabsticks and prawns. I halve the recipe, still maintain 1 egg and substitute Plain Flour + Baking powder instead of Self-raising Flour for today's fritters. Glad it still turns out well.. 

Ended up my side becomes my Main star of dinner.... Mmmmmmm..

Happy Dumpling Festival

Time of the year again, to make my favourite Bak Chang. Loved the way the rice taste with its soft soft texture. Yummy..

This year I gonna wrap a few just to satisfy my crave cos grandma went home and I am left alone during the day with my kids. Gonna managed them and the chores with my wrapping etc. not gonna be easy but the thoughts of having to eat them after the hard work is rewarding..

I used back the same recipe, wrapped about 200g of rice. I got about 20ish dumplings which is more than enough for my little family. Bringing some this weekend for family gathering.. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sweet Potato Bread

Wow!! Been real busy... Lately my mum came over to stay temporarily as her new place is waiting for handover, renovation before she could shift in. Thus grandmother went back to her own house to give my mum space here.. Yes, new flats are SMALL...

As my mum is working, I am left alone with tons to do with 2 noti kids. Been so tiring that I didn't baked for almost 3 weeks! Finally after lazing, I decided to take my mum portion of the sweet potato that she asked me to steam, and bake Sweet Potato bread. 

This recipe using purple but I used the normal yellow potato here.. Hubby comment that bread is really soft and yummy... Great keeper and way to use up sweet potato too... 

Sweet Potato Bread (adapted from Blessed Homemaker)
150ml Water
1 Egg
400g Bread Flour
40g Sugar
3/4tsp Salt
2tsp Yeast
200g Yellow Sweet Potato
40g Butter

1) Put ingredients in above sequence, add butter after dough is form. Continue to knead after butter is added, into smooth dough. (I use bread maker, Menu 8:Dough function, and knead a total of 10-15mins, selecting Menu 1: Loaf Function)
2) Let the BM do the work and check 20mins before bread is done.