Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Home-made Muah Chee

All done at the comfort of my home, in barely 30mins I have warm muah chee to share with my toddler! I bookmarked this recipe from a fellow member in Singapore Home Cooks in Facebook! Lovely share!! ❤️❤️❤️

Today i halve the recipe and portion just nice for me and toddler to share! He love and kept coming to ‘mum mum’! Try it! I took out warm muah chee and jus shake the lunchbox with the cut muah chee and ground  peanuts! Easy clean up and super fast!!! 

Muah Chee
125g Glutinuous Rice Flour
150g UHT Milk 

Ground peanut as preferred

1) Whisk flour and milk til smooth yogurt-drink consistency
2) Steam on high heat 10mins
3) Prepare ground peanuts and cut muah chee inside. Close up and shake! Enjoy warm!

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