Saturday, June 30, 2012

Some variations to my bread recipe

With reference to my 1st 'owned' Bread recipe, I made some amendments to have more whole-grain flour than bread flour so that it is healthier. Just realised that the cheaper plain flour from NTUC contains more fats than Prima, and those Organic ones are even better quality than Prima. So I got a pack of Wholemeal & Plain Unbleached Flour to try out. Shall finish up the 'unhealthy' flour first. =)

Had a crave for Otah Bread so made some assorted breads, got my fav otah from 85 Market and yes, I have my otah bread crave satisfied!! Yummy... And this is the amendments i made, still soft and yummy even thought the proportion of Whole-grain flour is more this round.
I mix the flour in ratio of 1:1:1 for Plain Flour, Bread Flour, Whole-grain Flour. Less the amt of Milk powder to 30g. Try it if you have time.

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