Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hokkien Mee using the 'Dry version Mee'

The other day I went to NTUC and saw that Prima came up with this dry version of Hokkien Mee. So I decided to buy a packet to try out how the taste is like. Cos I dont like those Hokkien Mee that comes in packet at the fridge area of NTUC as I feel it is not as fresh as compared to market and it will turns soggy very fast after you start to braised it in the stock.
Anyway, the texture of the noodles is ok but the saltish taste in the noodles itself is too overwhelming. It spoil my pot of hokkien mee cos it makes it slightly too salty. So next round, I will get the fresh ones from market so as not to spoil my Hokkien Mee standard. Will still share my recipe for the above, but please don't buy this Prima brand to cook, stick to NTUC types or market.
Hokkien Mee
Prawns (about 7-8 big grey prawns, shelled)
Fishcake (1 plate of 3 round pcs from NTUC)
Xiao Bai Cai (2 packets)
Minced Meat 50g
Noodles (about 4 adult portion)
Seasoning: 2Tbsp Fish Gravy, 1Tbsp Dark Soy Sauce, 200ml water, Dash of pepper
**May add 2Tbsp Oyster Sauce if you are using the market type cos the Prima too saltish for me to add) 

1) Fry gralic til fragrant in Olive Oil
2) Add in prawns, then fish cake, minced meat and veg last
3) When ingredients are 80% cook, add in 1/2 of the water, above seasoning and bring to boil
4) Taste and add remaining water bit by bit til taste is right
5) Add in hokkien mee and simmer til gravy is almost thicken. You may add more water if it dries up very fast

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