Sunday, July 29, 2012

Coffee, Chocolate & Cinnamon

Using back the straight dough recipe, I have been making lots of bread cos it is finished as soon as it is baked. So practically been baking them every other day that I am having so much fun making them. Sharing them with my neighbour who equally loves them.
I tried making my own version of Cinnamon & Choc Chips buns, Chocolate Chips Hot Cross Buns and also the much requested Coffee Bun (po-lo bun style) by my neighbour.
Hubby loves the Cinnamon & Choc Chips most, I love the Chocolate Chips Hot Cross Buns and the Coffee Buns, loved by my neighbour.
So here it is, the basic bread recipe with 3 different versions of toppings u can consider for your bread for a more interesting breakfast, else than the usual hotdog, ham and cheese.
Basic Bread Recipe x 2 (you can refer here)
Cinnamon & Chocolate Chips Buns
35g bread dough for bun
1 Tbsp of Cinnamon Powder
1Tbsp of Butter
1tsp of Sugar
Chocolate Chips
Mix them well together and spread over the bread dough after you roll them out
Sprinkle chocolate chips to the amount you prefer
Roll up tightly like a swiss roll. Cut evenly and put them in a baking tray

Chocolate Chips Hot Cross Buns
35g bread dough for bun
1Tbsp Melted Chocolate
2Tbsp Plain Flour
Chocolate Chips
Roll bread out and sprinkle chocolate chips on top. Roll up like swiss roll.
Cut equally and roll into buns of 35g each
Pipe Melted Chocolate + Plain Flour in a 'Cross' shape over each buns after buns doubled in size

Coffee Buns (i modified from the Po-Lo Bun crust here)
**unsalted butter 60g, sugar 40g, bread flour 120g, egg 1/2**

Leave butter to soften in room temp, sift flour and beaten egg into half portion
Whip butter & sugar til pale
Add egg slowly and mix well
**i added 1tsp coffee granula melted in 1tsp hot water for coffee flavour**
Add flour and mix well to form dough
Referigerate dough for 1 hour
Divide into 8 portion and wrap over shaped bread buns
Hope you will have fun baking them. The aroma of chocolate, coffee and cinnamon when they are in the oven, it is so therapatic. It goes really well, just in time if you start making them in the morning for a cup of tea or coffee for tea break. lovessss...

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