Sunday, January 13, 2013

My 1st BIG project - Miffy

Why do I call this my 1st 'big' project though I have made many customized cakes and cupcakes before - reason cos it's the first time baking a close to 2kg Buttercream Cake on a 14" cake board! I top it up with another 14 chocolate cupcakes which everyone likes.
My niece is celebrating her 1st birthday, so my sis 'ordered' her cake thru me. A cake with the shape of number '1' and to be rabbit theme. Then her hubby says, oh Miffy Rabbit. So here I go, racking my head over Miffy. 
I goggle and see what I could find. Managed to find a short tutorial after browsing thru some links, but I have to get down to it, hands on and modify along the way. My 1st attempt - standing up. Didn't kinda like it cos the Miffy kept on 'falling' due to the heavy ears. 

My 2nd attempt, I made them sitting down, each holding an alphabets to form my niece's name. This time I like it better. I follow up with some little roses, pressie. And there it goes, after a few afternoon, I finally made all the toppers.

Then came the headache, the fondant doesn't dry up well. I use toothpicks, gum paste powder and cornflour too. Trying the best to add in little portion and hoping it dries up. Everyday, without fail, I would check on them, making sure it is getting 'drier' as the days goes. Luckily all went well.
So the big day came, baking and baking. Deco and creaming etc. Then actual morning came, deco with all the toppers and there u goes, the finale.. As for the recipe, I used my previous Chocolate Chiffon(x5) and Swiss Meringue Butterccream (x2) and it covers nicely a 14" cake and 14 cupcakes. 

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