Monday, January 7, 2013

My variation of Double Choc Chip Cookies

This is my 1st post for 2013 and I tot I start with something simple, and also 1 of my fav - Chocolate!!! And yes, a belated Happy 2013 ahead!
I modified the Chocolate Chip Cookies that I took from Baking Wonderland from Facebook and modified to Double Chocolate Cookie with loads of nuts and Choc chips. Added some with M&M for my kiddos who simply cheer up at the sight of M&M on their cookies. Reason why? Cos mummy seldom gives them sweet treat at home, unless required to coax them or encouragement. 
I replaced brown sugar with caster sugar completely as I ran out of brown sugar at home and I didn't wanna delay the baking cos wanna bake them for hubby to go with his cup of coffee. So here I go, end up with a result that isn't too sweet, still crunchy and yummy... It's a bit of bittersweet from the Hershey Cocoa powder and coupled with the semi-sweet Hershey mini Choc chips. Viola! I love them. 
Try it and I hope u will love them as much as I did.

Double Chocolate Chips Cookies (modified from Chocolate Chip Cookies )
250g Butter, soften
150g Caster Sugar
1tsp Vanilla Extract
2 Egg
320g Plain Flour
40g Cocoa Powder
1tsp Baking Powder 
2g Cinnamon powder
Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips
Chopped nuts
Mini M&M 

1) Cream butter and both sugar
2) Add vanilla extract and egg
3) Stir in flour til mix, add in Choc chips, nuts
4) Pour spoonful of dough, leaving space as it will spread during baking
5) Bake at 170deg for 13-15min
6) Store in airtight after cookies are cooled.

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