Tuesday, November 5, 2013

'Mini' Marble Buns & Strawberry Buns

My gal loves to have mini buns as she feels that mini buns are for mini people, like herself. Haha~ She loves it when I make special shapes for her as well. Thus I decided to make choc marble buns for her, as she likes to ask me to buy for her from the bakery.. 

I am using this recipe, I 2x the recipe, using half for loaf bread and balance into mini buns for Irisa to bring to school for Deepavali celebration. I did a trial and I ended up with too thick paste, after cutting them, it oozes out. So this round, I decided to brush on bottom layer, then top with another layer of bread. Cut into bite size and bake them like the mini cheese bun I did prev. But again, the shaping isn't tt nice, and I slightly over-baked, thus the crust is slightly crispy.

Worried that the bread is a bit hard for the kids, I make another batch of bread, replacing all the milk with strawberry milk. So we have some mini strawberry buns too..

Though my trial, 2nd attempt wasn't perfect, both my kids really like them. It is yummy that Irisa have thumbs up! I will continue to explore since my kids love the mini buns & I hope her classmate will love them too... =)

Chocolate Paste (modified slightly from Carol)
*I only used half the paste*
25g Chocolate Chips
10g Butter
20g Milk
15g Cornflour
10g Bread Flour
5g Coco powder

1) Melt butter and chocolate chips using microwave on 10 seconds intervals. Then add in remaining ingredients into a paste.
2) Put on cling wrap and shaped into a square, put in fridge for later use.
3) Once dough is ready, put in between 2 flat bread dough, roll it and cut into desired sizes.

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Victoria Bakes said...

i like the idea of replacing milk with strawberry milk.. gives your buns a very nice tint of pink. gonna try that next time