Monday, November 4, 2013

A weekend brunch

Last Sunday, we went for brunch with my GFs and their lil family as well. We initially wanted to go to indoor playground but with the crowded weekend, hefty price tag, I suggested going to The Bank Bar & Bistro in Shenton Way. 

I learnt about this place from and their reviews was very good. We decided to give it a try, bearing in mind that we can sit longer, as in sit in the playroom to chat while the kids 'digest' their energy. Lol~ 

Every adult that orders a main, majority of the items in their menu will get a kids to dine for free on weekends. Both me and hubby had The Bank Breakfast which comes with choice of Chix with Cheese/Pork sausage, choice of eggs, toast, pan-fried mushrooms & potatoes and a small serving of baked beans. The kids had Spahgetti Bolognaise and Fish n Chips. 

Unfortunately for myself, hubby commented that the sausage taste funny after I fed 1 of mine to the kids. We sort of had a 'tasting' session with my GFs Bank Breakfast, comparing the sausage. Apparently the remaining sausage taste sourish to me and I did a quick feedback. (Keeping fingers crossed that the kids could have eaten the normal sausage instead of the same as mine since all the sausage tasted different) My GF's portion tasted normal, mine was like gonna turn back, hubby's was like in between. 

Though they return me a new plate of breakfast, to me, most impt is that nothing will happen to the kids. Luckily the kids meal was ok. And I did learn a lesson from the incident - to taste everything before we feed the kids. 

We spent almost 2hrs in the playroom,before coming out to 'redeem' the free scoop of ice cream that comes with the kids meal. I ordered a vanilla cheesecake which I didn't liked, and a iced cappuccino that was not 'coffee' enough. 

Towards the end while we make our bill, we were given a feedback form. I did write down about the unpleasant incident as Chef claim that is how the sausage taste. But seriously how can 3 plate of the same breakfast, with all the pork sausage tasting different? But nonetheless, I don't mind giving the, 1 more chance on the pretext of using the not overcrowded playroom to enjoy bonding time with my GF again.

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