Thursday, March 19, 2015

Egg Toast

Bookmarked this recipe for a while in facebook when I saw it in a Cooking/Baking group. I love how the loaf stands tall and soft, and yellowish gold in colour. 

I finally got time to try after busy school reopening til this 1 week March holiday and bake them 2 times. Hub love the bread, as well as my son. Think they have been having commercial bread since beginning of this year. Hahha~

My 1st attempt I make a mini Pumpkin seeds loaf and some Ham & Cheese buns. Really nice and almost all gone on the next day.

Today I bake a raisin loaf for my sick gal who requested for it and also some cream cheese buns since I have some cream cheese expiring in July before I forgot about them. I love it personally. The cream cheese actually elevate the taste of the bread. Strongly recommend this recipe as it doesn't require any special ingredients and it's so soft and fragrant.

Egg Toast (adapted from BakingLanguage)
85ml Water, replaced with Milk
2 Eggs (approx 100g)
280g Bread Flour
2tsp Milk Powder, replaced with Cornflour
40g Sugar, replaced with Raw Manuka Honey
3/4tsp Salt
1tsp Yeast
25g Butter

1) Put ingredients as per above sequence, Select Menu 6 : Soft Bread. Adding butter after it form dough.
2) Let breadmaker knead and do 1st proof. Once beep, aprox 1.5hr later depending on individual BM, take dough out and divide into 180g x 2 dough. Roll and place back into BM.
I use remaning dough to make 6x30g buns. (1st attempt for Ham & Cheese and 2nd attempt for Cream Cheese Raisins buns)
3) I added pumpkin seeds after brushing water on top of loaf just before my Breadmaker starts to bake the loaf. 2nd attempt I added raisins when I roll them.

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