Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Butter Loaf (somewhat similar to Danish Loaf)

Finall, after so long I take out my bread maker again. Hahha~ intrigued with this recipe that is somewhat similar to Danish Loaf but using lesser butter. So should be less sinful hor.

I made into a mini loaf, braided choc bun, mini sausage bun too. My kid were so happy to see me baking mini buns for them. And even more happier to see chocolate and double sausage. 

Basically I followed thru the recipe, except that I uses my Breadmaker to knead and proof. Then using it to bake the mini loaf while my buns went in to oven and "tan" themselves.

Hub likes the bread. I feel texture a bit like baguette. Ha~ Slight crusty outer with soft & chewy on the inside. Loves...

Butter Loaf (adapted from Carol)
200ml Milk
270g Bread Flour
30g Cake Flour (I uses Cornflour as I ran out of Cake flour)
30g Sugar
1/8tsp Salt
1/2tsp Yeast
20g Butter + some to spread on dough

1) Put in ingredients in above sequence then press Function 8: Dough kneading
2) Press Function 10: proof for 1st proof. Take out dough once done, punch.
Roll out and spread thin layer of butter then roll up and seal like Swiss roll.
3) I cut out 4x25g and seal up them. Then I cut the larger dough into 3 stripes and braid and leave in Breadmaker for 2nd proof.
I roll out the 25g dough and put my sausage, proof for 45mind and bake for 20mins or til golden brown.
4) Press Function 14: Bake and set to 50mins. Look out for loaf browning around 40mins onwards. 


Jerin Loh said...

Hi,I have just bought Donlim bread maker. I have attempted a few recipes nut my buns turn out sticky. May I ask if my understanding of the following functions are correct?
和面 -dough making (preset to 30mins)
发面 - 1st proofing
And what is your function 14? How to use the bread maker to bake?

Appreciate your advice. I am getting discouraged by the repeated failures. TIA!

Priscilla Toh said...

Hi Jerin

I normally use Function 8 to knead the dough, and usually use it twice to knead longer and ensure that dough is smooth and well mixed.

Next I will shape the dough. For dough, I will shape and use the BM to bake with Function 14.

Your methods sounds right but maybe the sequence of ingredients is not right? U need to throw in wet before dry ingredients. And for salt, sugar & yeast, I put in at different corners of the bread maker.
Hope it helps.