Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cherry & Blueberries Yogurt Popsicles

Saw many versions of home-made popsicles and mainly all around the same amount and since tat is the case, I jus "anyhow" mix, taste before freezing to make sure its edible. 

I use 2 tubs of Greek Yogurt, 1 box of Cherries, 1/2 box of Organic Blueberries, 1tsp Vanilla extract & 2.5spoon of Manuka Raw Honey. Add honey spoon by spoon and spoon and taste the sweetness to your preference. For ours, I didnt add to too sweet, jus nice with a hint of sourish feel from the sour cherries. Hehehe...

A great way to give yogurt and fruits to my lil ones at home... Another fun and indulging way for a healthy snack.

Cherries & Blueberries Yogurt Popsicles
2 Greek Yogurt
1 box Cherries
1/2 box Blueberries
2.5 spoon Manuka Raw Honey
1tsp Vanilla Extract

1) Blend all together and freeze. Served once frozen. (Approx 24hrs)

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