Sunday, August 2, 2015

Korean Bimbimbap

Today my hubby threw me a Mission - Korean Bimbimbap! Wow, I have been wanting to try but then I always see the amount of preparation and decided to wait. Yes wait. The side dishes seems a lot of work to prep. Haha~
Today I didn't regret. My hubby gave thumbs up for it. He told me he actually lowers his standard as I mentioned I was worried. Heng ah! He says its so delicious. I made the side dishes - Spinach, Soy Bean sprouts, Egg strips, Spicy Chilli paste Mushroom & Chicken, Oyster Sauce Onion Pork.
For the Spinach and Soy Bean sprout, jus blanch and drain, add a bit of sesame, pepper and salt to taste. 

Lotsa of work, but I enjoyed. Then I use the ready Bimbimbap Sauce, drizzle a Tablespoon of Sesame Oil. And I am done. Yummy!

My kids had with Sesame oil only, served with Korean Ginseng Chix soup. Got the herbs packet from a Korean Mart at Befok Mall.

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