Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cherry & Blueberries Yogurt Popsicles

Saw many versions of home-made popsicles and mainly all around the same amount and since tat is the case, I jus "anyhow" mix, taste before freezing to make sure its edible. 

I use 2 tubs of Greek Yogurt, 1 box of Cherries, 1/2 box of Organic Blueberries, 1tsp Vanilla extract & 2.5spoon of Manuka Raw Honey. Add honey spoon by spoon and spoon and taste the sweetness to your preference. For ours, I didnt add to too sweet, jus nice with a hint of sourish feel from the sour cherries. Hehehe...

A great way to give yogurt and fruits to my lil ones at home... Another fun and indulging way for a healthy snack.

Cherries & Blueberries Yogurt Popsicles
2 Greek Yogurt
1 box Cherries
1/2 box Blueberries
2.5 spoon Manuka Raw Honey
1tsp Vanilla Extract

1) Blend all together and freeze. Served once frozen. (Approx 24hrs)

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Tom Yam Stir Fry Fusilli

While grocery shopping last night, I casually asked Hub if he has any cravings for this week. He immediately saw "FUSILLI" and told me he want the same spicy Stir Fry Fusilli from Black Canyon Cafe. Haha~

I told him OK! Will cook for him tonight. And there I used the Tom Yam Sachet I got from Bangkok in February and used 1/2pkt to season, added some fish sauce and chopped chilli padi too.

End result, Hubby raved about it. Saying how delicious and nicer aa compared to Black Canyon blah blah. I think I can open a restaurant soon.

This is the one from Black Canyon Coffee.

Tom Yam Stir Fry Fusilli (Serves 2 small eater)
Cooked Fusilli (approx 1 soup bowl)
6 Prawns
100g Sliced Pork, marinate with Sesame Oil, Pepper, Lt Sauce & Hua Tiao
Brocolli, cut into small pieces
1/2 pkt Tom Yam Seasoning Sachet 
Bit of Fish Sauce to taste
Chopped chilli padi

1) Cook Fusilli til al dente. Drained and leave aside.
2) Sautee chopped garlic. Add pork, brocolli & prawns. Fry til 70% cooked. Add in 1/2 cup water, tom yam powder and stir well.
3) Add a bit of fish sauce and taste.
4) Add in fusilli, stir well. Add in chilli padi and stir. Serve warm.

**Add water bit by bit should it dry up as you stir fry.