Thursday, January 21, 2016

Simplified Mashed Potato Salad

Need to finish up the pack of baby potatoes and since my boy loves Mashed Potato, I decided to use them to make salad for him. Today we simply have Frozen Pizza along with Potato Salad. Definetely see him enjoying his lunch and finishing it up faster than usual.

Inspiration from JustOneCookBook but being lazy and rushing for time, I didnt exactly follow through. Instead I jus make use of the Japanese Mayo & Pepper to season only.. Ingredients used was Crabsticks, Ham, Egg, Potatoes. All ingredients cooked and cooled before assembling them.. 

Hope you love the salad as much as my boy does. Have fun!!

As I kept the balance salad in the fridge cos worried it will spoil by the time my gal comes back (2hrs b4 she comes back), I spread them on bread and put mozarella and toast them. Drizzle some tomato sauce and serve with Honey Drink. Yes, my boy says he wants a portion too!!

Mashed Potato Salad
4 Baby Potatoes
1/2 Slice Ham, cubes
1/2 Crabsticks, cooked & shredded
1 1/2 Hard Boil Egg, cut small
Japanese Mayonaiseg

1) Boil Potatoes til skewer can poke thru easily. Boil hard-boiled eggs. All leave aside to cool.
2) Sautee Ham Cubes, Blanch crabsticks.
3) De-skin potato and mashed them up. Cut up hard boil eggs. Add eggs, ham & crabstick. 
4) Drizzle mayonaise and pepper and mix well. Add more mayonaise if salad looks dry. Taste and add accordingly. 
Salad can be serve immediately or chilled. 

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