Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Pork Floss

Making pork floss at home, I have never thought I would be able to do it. Recently, or rather like last year back, I saw many variations of recipes and method of making them using Breadmaker or continuous frying & stirring over stovetop. But as I don't have much time, I didn't really explore them.

Recently, as my #1 started going to P1 and requested to have daily lunchbox packed for Recess, I thought it will be good to make simple corn porridge with minced chicken or pork and add some pork floss for flavour. So here I go.

My 1st trial I followed a friend's recipe and I also didn't keep close watch on the stirring in the Breadmaker and resulted in a drier floss, and also taste wise, a bit bland. 

My 2nd trial,  I followed a friend's way of tasting the seasoning before adding to meat or using for marinating to see if there is enough flavour. But being real BLUR, I forgot to take note of measurements but I really suggest using the taste test for the seasonings as the size of meat used might differ so good to taste them first. 

I will continue to make them, tasting the seasonings first each time. And will also explore making the chicken version too. Kids really like this 2nd attempt, esp my boy. Try it!! N my gal's lunchbox!

Pork Floss
1pc Lean Meat, cut into 4 chunks
Seasonings used - Sesame oil, Lt Soy Sauce, Oyster Sauce, Brown Sugar, Honey & a bit of water ***

1) Boil meat with slice of ginger. Shredded when cool.
2) Put seasonings in a bowl and taste and add according to your preference. 
3) Add shredded pork into seasonings and mix well. Put into Breadmaker and use Jam function. 
4) After 1st cycle, check on floss to see if it's dried up or ready. As it was still quite wet, I started a 2nd cycle. Around 30mins into cycle, I checked and the consistency and dryness was right so I off and take floss out to cool before storing in air tight container.

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