Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Cheat Dish - Sweet & Sour Fruitty Lychee Chix Bites

A fast & cheat dish when I ran out of ideas on our meat dishes. Usually I try to plan for 2 vegetable dishes. And since I dont want to have any egg dish as we had braised eggs for dinner last night, I decide to make the kids' favourite. 

With a tomato, canned lychee, it is so easy. As for chicken, I normally buy those frozen crispy chicken chunks so that the whole house wont be oily and difficult to clean up after. Adding a Spinach Fishball soup & Sambal Kangkong, we are ready to go. If really want to be fast, just omit frying a Kangkong! 

I normally baked those crispy bites instead of deep-frying them. At least wont be too oily, and also can purge out some oil/fats! Frying the sauce takes less than 10mins. It takes about 15-20mins as I baked the chicken and make the sauce! Slurp~~

Seperate the chicken & gravy so it wont be too soggy for those who eat late. =)

Sweet & Sour Fruitty Lychee Chicken Bites
1 pk of Frozen Crispy Chicken, baked for 20-25mins and leave aside

Sauce - 
1 Tomato, cubed & cut into 8 pc
1 can Lychee, drained and keep half of syrup
1Tbsp Sour Plum Sauce
2Tbsp Tomato Sauce
1/2cup Water
1/2cup Syrup

1) Sautee garlic til fragrant. Add tomato and stir fry slightly.
2) Add above sauce, excluding cornstarch. Once boil, add lychee & stir well. 
3) Boil and stir in cornstarch. Off fire and keep aside til serving. 
4) Drizzle over chicken b4 serving.

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