Monday, July 7, 2014

New Breadmaker!

After 'abusing' the Lenq Breadmaker that I gotten from groupon deal, it finally raise the white flag after 9 months. Been using it for around 2-3 times max per week.

And as my old one surrender, the new breadmaker craze is here. Now Q00 has this special deal at $70 with delivery to your house. The wait is no longer than 2 weeks and finally after arriving for 1 week, I open it up.

It is smaller than the old one, max of 450g dough.. My first bake is using the sweet bread recipe from the manual. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will turn out well. Hub says taste good but I still prefer the usual recipes I used to bake with. Think I stick to that or try other interesting recipe.

Sweet Bread Recipe (From Donlim BM Manual)
120ml Water, I replaced with milk
1 Egg
240g Bread Flour
3G Milk Poweder, omit
36g Sugar, I used 20g Honey
2g Salt
5g Yeast, I used 3g
16g Butter

I used Function 6, light crust, 450g bread. Add ingredients in above sequence and leave the BM to work. 


mummymarygoh said...

Sincerely need ya help. .. got the breadmaker but all in Chinese. Wonder if u could share the English manual or English recipes?

Priscilla Toh said...


I gt a lot of recipe here using the bread maker. Normally I start the breadmaker, select 菜单 which means a Menu, press to 6, Select 烤色 which means col of crust, press to medium, 重量 which means weight, mainly mine is 450g. Then press 启动 to start. Hope it helps..