Monday, June 9, 2014

Basic White Loaf

This is my 2nd time using this recipe. I liked it cos it is without egg and soft soft bread. The first time I was us in my BM but it can't knead properly anymore. So I transfer the dough to my KA and transfer back to the BM to bake. Really nice looking loaf but too busy to take pic and blog about it.

Today I am using the old way I used to, KA to knead then proof then shaped on my own. Been a while since I do that. Still prefer my BM cos no need to wash up so many stuff. Haha. Been pampered til lazy hor?

Today I make 3 mini loaf, 1 long bun, 1 mini choc chip loaf and 1 plain loaf. Slice them into mini slices so it is jus nice for my kids when I give it to them. Not too much for them. Try this recipe, I really feel it is good using BM or the traditional way.

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Basic White Loaf (adapted from KWGLS)
*halve recipe gets 500g dough*
180g Water/Milk
290g Bread Flour
20g Milk Powder (I replace Cake Flour)
6g Salt
20g Honey (I replace with sugar)
43g Butter
4g Yeast

1) I put as per sequence above except for water last. Mix til smooth dough and leave to proof for 1hr or til doubled.
2) Punch out and use 2x200g for the loaf and 100g for long bun. Leave for 2nd proof for 1hr.
3) Bake at 180deg for 30mins or til top are browned.

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