Friday, June 6, 2014

Fried Rice Sushi

Busy this June, busy and sick today.. Lazy to feed the kids, came up with an idea of wrapping my Fried a Rice as sushi, along with their favourite Deep-fried Wantons!

Yes, the rice doesn't require much seasoning as the seaweed is quite flavourful. And I added chopped spring onions, carrots, mushroom, ham & chicken meat. Packed with veg n meat, quite a wholesome meal already huh? 

Nonetheless, my happy kids finish up the food in a jiffy! Jus that a bit of rice grains on the floor. Sickly mummy managed to rest and sit beside them eating their dinner with satisfaction.

Fried Rice
*can be your choice of ingredients*
Spring onions, chopped
Carrots, chopped
Mushroom, chopped
Ham, chopped
Chicken meat, chopped
1 bowl of Rice
4 sheets of nori

1) Fry rice as per norm, ingredients 80% cooked then add rice. Season with pepper and 1tsp fish gravy.

2) Put cling wrap beneath, nori on top, scoop rice and wrap tightly, using cling wrap to wrap like candy. Leave aside.
3) Once all wrapped, cut into slices. Serve.

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