Monday, April 18, 2016

Honey Yogurt Bread Loaf

Bookmarked this recipe recently and decided to bake them today. I replaced with normal yogurt and substitute cake flour for milk powder as well.

The recipe makes a 550g loaf so I took 430g into loaf and balance into 20g mini dough x7. I loved the mini buns, very soft and nice, jus nice for the kids' snack box or breakfast. The loaf is just nice to sustain a day or two of BF for us too.

I personally preferred it into bread rolls, easier to eat as its petite size. Great for my kids' small fingers too. The loaf seems a bit drier, I wonder is it cos I added a bit too much flour when handling the dough?! Nonetheless, I will still attempt this recipe but only for mini rolls for my own preference.

Here's my gal lunchboxes with the 2 variations of the bread.

Honey Yogurt Bread Loaf (recipe adapted & modified slightly from MindPatch)
65g cold milk
65g cold water
30g beaten egg
50g yogurt
12g honey
280g Bread Flour
20g Cake Flour
4g Salt
30g Sugar
3/4tsp Yeast
30g Butter

1) I put the above ingredients in the following sequence into Breadmaker for kneading. Once dough comes together then I add butter and start cycle again.
2) After 1st proof, I took out to shape and leave to proof and bake loaf in Breadmaker. Mini buns was baked at 180deg for 20-25mins til lightly browned.

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