Sunday, June 17, 2018

Fried Oyster

I chanced upon this recipe in a facebook group - Singapore Home Cook. Someone shared that it could be cooked at home and I saw the ‘chef’ using a non-stick pan! 😱😱

I decided to buy some frozen oyster, prawns back home to experiment. I divided the original recipe into 3 portion to fit my small family. And I mixed my own chilli dip using ready sambal belachan, oyster sauce, lemon juice and coriander plus some warm water. Slurrppp... 

Pretty straightforward recipe and just need to get all ingredients ready prior to cooking.. Yay to yummy tea break! 

Fried Oyster Recipe - adapted from a Member contribution at Singapore Home Cooks
80g Sweet Potato Flour
500ml water
Dash of Fish gravy
4 Eggs
Dash of pepper and fish gravy
Chopped garlic
4 prawns, shelled and diced
6-8 Oyster
Few strands of coriander

1) Mix sweet potato flour + 500ml water. Add fish gravy ans mix well.
2) Beat 4 Eggs, season with fish gravy and pepper. 
3) Heat oil, garlic and stir fry prawns and oyster. Take out and set aside
4) Heat oil, scoop sweet potato mixture into pan. Leave it to cook and harden
5) Once sweet potato mixture harden, Pour beaten eggs over and wait
6) Sprinkle some coriander, fish gravy when egg is half cooked.
7) Add cooked prawns and oyster ans mix well
8) Serve warm

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