Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Sweet Potato & Sago

Trying to use up the balance of my jap sweet potato, and with my 2ndborn just recovered from his cough, drcided to make the ‘non-milk’ version of this dessert for snack today! 

Jus chop up some sweet potato, add oandan leaves, sago and water. Boil over low heat til potato soften and we are done! It is a fuss free and dessert well-like by our whole family! ❤️❤️❤️

Sweet Potato & Sago Dessert
7-8 mini jap purple potato
3-4 Pandan leaves
Sago pearls
1.5-2l of water
Some rock sugar to taste

1) Cut sweet potato into small chunks. Wash and knot pandan leaves.
2) Add in 1/2 if water above and bring to boil with sweet potato. 
3) Add in sago when sweet potato about to soften, and add in more water. Throw in rock sugar and stir til dissolved. Taste. Serve warm!

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