Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A busy week with just 4 of us

So grandma went over to my younger sis's plc to accompany her cos she bring her BB gal home and was afraid to be alone with her BB during the day as worried she cant cope. So she got the master shifu to go over. So me on the other hand, had to cope with 2 active toddlers, housechores, meals, and baking at home. Though tiring but it was fun. First, we let Irisa sleep alone in her room after we got her a STAR light from Ikea. And she managed to sleep through the 1st night but with some crying the next morning as she claimed that she wanna go to toilet but no one in the room so she scared. 2nd Night, daddy went over to tell story and was so tired that he fell asleep with her and too tired to come back. Last night, she was whiny so we didnt want to push her to sleep alone. Worried will have repercussion so let her sleep in. Tonight, Daddy got a bit of headache from a lousy sleep last night with Lil boy not sleeping well from his flu so Irisa will sleep with Mummy and Rayshon in the room.
Anyway, I tried a new dish with the help of a lovely mummy friend I had with 2010 Dec Mummies from SMH (Singapore Motherhood forum), Vegetarian Noodles. Went searching high and low for Vegetarian Charsiew and die die couldnt find. So i jus went ahead with my variation.
Vegetarian Noodles
Recipe from Grace Tan (My mummy fren)
Noodles (i used 4 servings of the vegetarian noodles, dry kind)
1/2 Cabbage
1 Carrot
1/2 box of white button mushroom
1 can of MILI Veg Mushroom
1 cup of water

(1) Blanch cabbage and carrot til 80% cook
(2) Blanch noodles til 90% cook with the above water
(3) Heat oil in wok, add in vegetables, white button mushrooms. Mix well
(4) Add noodles and half water. Mix
(5) Add in can of veg mushroom & gravy
(6) Add remaining water. Mix well and serve
It was really yummy and I think it was worth a try. Comfort food and nice to go with some sambal chilli. And it help to whet my lil boy's appetite after a day of 1 cupcake, 1 bread cos he was feeling moody cos of his flu.
And my bake for the day - Cheese & Ham Loaf. I used Hokkaido Milk Loaf recipe and added in Cheese & Ham when I roll up the loaf for 2nd proof. End result, really yummy. Love it.
Cheese n Ham
So what did I had today? I added Multigrain Flour to the same Hokkaido Milk Loaf, i only used 1/2 the recipe and added 80g of Multigrain Flour. It was soft, yummy and the taste of the grain wasnt overwhelming. I made 3 small baugette shapes, 1 small loaf, 5 small corn buns and 2 ham rolls. I used the baugette shapes loaf for Subway Meatball Marinara which was hubby's favourite. And indeed it was the key to his heart, or should i say stomach. And i baked some honey wings as side. Simple yet fulfilling dinner.

 Marinara Meatball
1 packet ready meatball
1/2 can of Prego Tomato Based Pasta sauce
(1) Bake meatball til cooked in oven
(2) Heat up pasta sauce with 1/3 can of water
(3) Add in meatball and mix well til boils
(4) Leave aside for use later

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