Friday, April 20, 2012

Some catchups on new tries

Tried some new recipes and so gonna blog it, in case i want to refer back in future. Yummy recipes = Keeper!!
I tried frying Ah Ma's style Fried Prawn & Fishcake Omelette (orh-luak style) that we can never give her a break when we have a chalet. Hahaha.. Really so yummilicious, though it's without the oysters, and frying with Olive Oil, definetely healthier than those selling outside. So what is my final tweak to the original recipe? Here it is:
Fried Prawn & Fishcake Omelette (orh-luak style)
2 Heaps Tablespoon of Tapioca Flour
1 Heap Tablespoon of Glutinous Rice Flour
240ml Water
Dash of Fish Gravy
Ingredients you can choose your own, i go for prawns and fishcake
4 Eggs, Beaten
Spring Onions

(1) You have to stir the batter first, It will be watery
(2) Heat up my Happycall, a little bit of oil
(3) Put just enough batter to cover the base of the Happycall
(4) Wait til the batter is bubbling, then pour in egg mixture, just enought to cover the Happycall
(5) Let the omelette becomes more 'charred' then flip over
(6) Add in ingredients and mix well. Add a little fish gravy to taste
(7) Serve hot

Another new dish - Panko Chicken & Pork Chops. I saw this on 1 of those cooking blogs, so decided to copy that. It was crispy and fragrant. It is great for snacks and you don't feel sinful as it is chicken breast. Simple and my toddler and hubby loves it.
Another new toy i bought last night and immediately try it this morning for breakfast. Tayoki Fish Pan, got it at $20 from Giant Tampines. Cheaper than Gmarket and i have been enduring eversince my Facebook Kakis started posting about it. Finally i gave up and i never regret. Mmm..

I used the Betty Crocker Pancake Mix for it, added a egg and 1 cup of water. Soft and fluffy, i tried with Nutella, Laughing Cow Cheese and also Pandan Paste to the last few fishes. Irisa had a fun time with the 'fishes' this morning.

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