Thursday, March 13, 2014

Favourite recipe - 5 Thousand Dollar Recipe

Again, I baked them again, using the correct proportion of Bread & Cake Flour and a full recipe. We finished up all of it, in 3 days. 2 adults & 2 children... Omg!! Pls try them.....


prispoh said...


Just to share with you there is another recipe put up by Aunty Young which is by far the most super bread recipe I ever come across and that is Wu Pao-Chun Champion Toast.

The load stays soft and fresh right up till today (Friday), the 3rd day after being baked on Wednesday in spite of the very hot weather in S'pore. I love every bite of it and enjoying the loaf with kaya and peanut butter with a cup of coffee kosong.

This will be my bread based for loaf and bun from now on. Wu Pao-Chun Champion Toast recipe is also very healthy because it incorporates little butter. I like bread make with little butter but more milk cos milk is very nutritious. Further more, this recipe does not need to go thru the hassle of tangzhong nor custard paste nor overnight gelatinised dough. No need usage of whipping cream and egg too. That means I can bake it impromptu.

Priscilla Poh

Priscilla Toh said...

Sounds like it is worth a try too... I will go and google it and try it out. Thanks so much for sharing with me.. Bread is very basic breakfast and snack, esp for my hubby who is a bread lover. The kids have it for tea breaks too, rarely breakfast as they prefer Nestum Cereal in the morning....
Will try and post it out..

Anonymous said...

Yes, Pris, u must give this toast a try and after that you will not want to bake bread using tangzhong or custard paste or other pre-fermented dough anymore.

IT'S A VERY TRUSTED AND KEEPER RECIPE! IT'S SO AMAZING GOOD!!! because I am still puzzle why Woo Pao-Chun loaf stays so soft and fresh even on the 3rd day without tangzhong. TRULY CHAMPION!!!

Priscilla Poh

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