Tuesday, March 4, 2014

5-Thousand Dollar Bread

I have seen this bread recipe previously but it didn't really catch my attention then. Til lately a FB fren who always bake bread posted about it twice, commenting on how soft and fluffy the bread is. The picture really shows me how soft it was and it really prick my curiousity to give it a try.

I am always going with straight bread recipe, reason being that I bake quite last minute or in short period of free time. I rarely had chance to shaped into assorted buns lately as I am fighting with the clock for more sleeping time. (I got 2 years to get used before my gal goes to P1 )

I make the starter dough the night before, leaving it to proof in the fridge for about 15hrs. Once you see the dough is with lots of hole, like fermented dough, it is almost ready. You just need to mix with the main dough ingredient and let it proof as per normal bread baking session. 

I halve the recipe and managed to have 600g dough. I braided 300g for a bread loaf and divide the remaining 300g into 6x30g and 2x60g buns, 3 cheesy sugar, 3 cheesy herbs & 2 hotdog roll. (My 1st in braiding a nice sausage roll le. I am so proud!!!)

Final results: I really never regret baking it. This recipe is really soft, even much much softer than those TangZhong bread recipes in my view. Pls, try it... 

5-Thousand Dollar Bread (adapted from BakingIntoTheEther)
*halve recipe and I yield 600g dough
Starter Dough
150g Bread flour (supposed to be 105g Bread + 45g Cake flour)
12g Caster Sugar
3g Instant Yeast
120ml water

1) Jus mix above together until not lumpy. Leave to proof in a warm place for 2hrs or overnight in the fridge.

Main Dough 
105g Bread Flour
45g Cake Flour
40g Caster Sugar
1tsp Salt
12g Milk powder *i omit as I don't have
45g egg
27g Water
36g Butter

1) I use my BM for kneading so I put ingredients in the order of Water, Egg, Flour, Sugar, Salt. Set to Menu 8: Dough function. Add in starter dough. 
2) Once the dough comes together, I add in the butter and let it continue to knead.
3) Once the 1st proof is done, I divide accordingly to my preference. Bake at 180-200deg, depending on ur oven for 20-25mins for buns and 35-40mins for loaf.

PS:: If you want to know why it is call 5 Thousand Dollar Bread recipe, go to my recipe source to find out more. What I understand is that a Shifu spent 5 thousand dollar to find this recipe and share with his/her fren, whom in turn post in her blog.

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