Wednesday, March 26, 2014

'Wu Pao Chun' Champion Bread

I was introduced to this bread by a reader who commented on my 5K Bread post. I am thankful that she told me about it. Finally my lazy butt decided to give it a try after the kids' school holiday. This month has been real busy...

I used my BM to knead and 1st proof as per Baking TaiTai did, where in gotten the recipe link from. I then shaped and baked in my BM after the 2nd proof. The bread is nicely browned after 45mins of baking in the BM. I did poke a little cos I was excited to see if it's really soft. Haha. It did give me the feel of satisfaction and tells me I am not gonna regret baking it.

Indeed for a straight bread recipe, it is soft and yummy. I liked that it uses very little butter, as that makes it more healthier if you do not wish to put on too much fats. (Am I right?) hubby commented that it is ok, soft in his view. 

My view is that it is not as soft as compared to 5K bread. But with the fuss free and fast way of baking a loaf of bread this texture, it is definetely a keeper for a Striaght bread recipe. Go ahead, try it. You will love it on a lazy day or need to bake a loaf in limited time.

Champion Bread (adapted from BakingTaiTai)
198g Milk
300g a Bread Flour
24g Sugar
1tsp Salt
1tsp Yeast
14g Butter

1) Put all above in the sequence, butter last. Set BM function to Menu 8:Dough function.
Once dough starts to form, add butter.
2) Once dough finish 1st proof, punch out air and divide into 2. Roll out and roll it up like swissroll. Repeat for the other half. Put into baking tin. Proof for 1hr or til dbl in size.
3) Select Menu12:Bake. Check around 40mins to see if bread is browned nicely. Once browned, can off BM and take out loaf to cool. Slice and keep in airtight once totally cooled. 


Cheryl - Bakingtaitai said...

Hi Priscilla, Thanks for linking the recipe back to my blog. Perhaps you may like to try the improved method ( of using the breadmaker to bake this again to get a softer texture like the $5k. :)

Priscilla Toh said...

Sure Cheryl. Once I look thru the ingredients, I will bake them..

Anonymous said...

what is BM? can i share your recipes

Priscilla Toh said...


BM is Breadmaker..