Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Home-made Sweet & Sour Dip

I first created this sauce when hubby requested for Sweet & Sour Fish. I then decided to try something out of my usual concoction for a little tangy, sweet & spicy sauce instead.

I used fresh lemons, tomato sauce, sugar and sambal chilli by my mum. I mixed it up before cooking over stove top, adding starch water to thicken it. I personally love it so much. Hubby gave the thumbs up when he eat it with the fried fish fillet.

The next day, I was deep-frying Tau Kwa strips. I decided to make some more as dipping sauce for the Tau Kwa. My son enjoys the Tau Kwa as fries, healthy fries. And we adults enjoy the sauce as it goes very well with the bland Tau Kwa. So here I go, sharing with my readers..

Sweet & Sour Dip
1tsp Chopped Garlic
1tsp oil
1 Lemon, squeeze out juice
1Tbsp Tomato Sauce
1/2Tbsp Sambal Chilli
11/2Tbsp Sugar
3Tbsp Water
Some Corn Starch

1) Heat oil, fry garlic fragrant. Mix above seasonings and pour in to heat up.
2) Once bubble, stir well. Add Corn starch. Off heat, serve.

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