Thursday, September 18, 2014

Easy Fruit Tarts

The other day my neighbor made us Pandan & Strawberry flavored Egg Tarts and the tarts make me crave for fruit tarts... My all-time fav and that is the only way I really eat fruits from. Haha~

I was tossing and turning last night so I went to search for a easy recipe and came across this one. The crust is wat I like hard enuf to handle after baking them and it's crunchy like butter cookies with flavour and goes well with the Longan and kiwi fruit. I forgot to get agar agar powder to make th glaze so I melt some chocolate to keep the fruits in place. It goes very well.. 

I definetely need improvement on the shaping and it definetely looks good if I added strawberry with tt hint of red. Too bad it wasn't the season... But defiantly recommend this recipe to try out.

Pie crust (adapted from PlayingWithFlour)
85g Butter, soften
50g Brown Sugar
1 yolk
140g Plain Flour (I sub 60g Cake flour as not enuf plain flour)
1/8tsp Salt

1) Beat butter n sugar well, add yolk and mix in. Do not over mix.
2) Add flour n salt together, mix into dough.
3) Measure 45g dough for each muffin hole. (I am using the standard muffin pan) Press down n slowly work dough up the sides. Freeze an hour.
4) Pre heat oven to 180deg, bake for 20-30min. (I baked approx 35-40mins til tarts are golden brown)
5) Cool before assembling.

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