Monday, September 22, 2014

Tofu Milk Bread

Chanced upon this bread recipe the other day as I was searching for recipes to try few days back. Bookmarked it a while and finally I tried it today. The interesting part is that it is using tofu! Recently I tried another 2 types of ingredients too, but I haven blog about it as I forgot to take pics but I will bake them again as it's really good. Guess what ingredients they are?

I bought the tofu with Omega 3, I always used this for my home-cooked dishes at home for meals. So I cooked some soup and left some for my bread.. The recipe calls for egg in the instructions but I was halfway so I didn't had time to check with the originator. Thus I replace with additional 20g of water as I don't have any more milk left..

Keeping my hearts heavy as I was worried about the outcome, it turns out well. It smells like G-brand bread and soft. Supposed it didn't turn out wrong... Try it..

Tofu Milk Bread (modified from IWannaBakeThisToday)
120g Milk (used water)
50g Tofu
200g Cake Flour
50g Bread Flour
30g Sugar
4g Salt
3g Yeast

1) Put ingredients in above sequence and set to bread making in your breadmaker. 

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