Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Rainbow Chiffon missing you!

Saw this rainbow quite a while ago but didn't get down to it. So lazy in between managing my small small online biz, handling the kids solo daily and on top of many chores, I kind of only find time to try different bread recipes as hubby mainly have bread as breakfast!

Last week, a FB fren cum customer, she baked this rainbow chiffon and it so so got me into the Rainbow Chiffon mode. I was thinking how much it could have brighten my kids faces. (Perhaps she took a pic of her lovely gal eating a slice of it so the motherly instinct strikes!) I decided to make it tonight, after clearing up dinner and settling a white loaf of bread for tml..

I refer to the recipe, beating the meringue up after I mixed up the cake batter. I used a separate mixing bowl, scooping out 1 scoop of batter to 2 scoop of meringue each time. I only managed to do 6 colours - Pink, Green, Violet, Orange, Blue & Yellow and I didn't add yellow colourings since the cake batter aldy yellowish in colour.

Towards the last 2 colours, I can feel the meringue getting drier, so worried about my end results... Keeping my fingers crossed as I sent it into the oven.. Luckily it turned out well. But I feel my vanilla taste not strong enuf. Will try it again!

Rainbow Chiffon (recipe adapted from Lovingcreations4u)
Meringue : 7 Whites, 75g Sugar, 1/4tsp Cream of Tartar (I omit)

Batter : 5 Yolks, 33g Sugar, 65g Oil, 70ml Water, 8ml Vanilla, 100g Cake Flour ( I used Plain flour)

1) Method as per normal chiffon. Pls divide cake batter into 6-7 portion and add colourings before adding the meringue colour by colour. Put each colour gently and level out. 
2) Bake for 15mins at 160deg, then change to 150deg for 30mins or til top browned.
3) Cool upside down before slicing.

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