Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Yogurt Raisin Bread

I made this bread a while ago, and it turn out slightly too saltish as I added more yogurt to replace the milk in the recipe as I tot it would mark the bread softer.. So today I make sure to just follow the recipe strictly. Ha~

I used Greek yogurt as heard it is better. And I use 1/2 cake flour & 1/2 bread flour as I don't have enough bread flour. Added 3 mini box of raisins & 10g rolled oats too. 

The bread turns out well, soft and fluffy. Loved the texture very much, and it's a healthy loaf of bread made from Greek Yogurt!

Yogurt Raisins Bread (adapted & adjusted slightly from CherryOnACake)
185ml Liquid - 1 Egg, 100g Yogurt and milk to make up to 185ml liquid in total
250g Bread Flour
15g Sugar
3g Salt
3g Yeast
30g Butter

1) Add ingredients as per above sequence in breadmaker. Use bread function.

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