Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another bread recipe to 'bookmark'

I tried another great bread recipe rav by my MFWL's kakis who have tried it and said that it is soft and yummy. All thanks to a great person on Facebook - Soh Pin Tee, willing to share all her great recipes with fellow bakers. And I would say, I really love the soft, kinda chewy texture instead of the soft, cottony texture bread. Got that 'jiao jing' bite to it. Loves..
I tried it once, following the original recipe, using plain bread flour solely. Hubby and I love it, and we finished a batch of bread in 2 days, for Breakfast, Supper and even as snacks thru the day.
And I tried it again, this time i modify and added Wholemeal flour, still soft, texture still chewy but a little not as soft as the 1st time. So maybe I should reduce a bit of wholemeal to 50g, instead of 100g this round? Made some mini hotdogs, plain bread rolls & garlic bread roll. I did some otah bread as well but didnt post it cos the pics doesnt justify the bread la.
I do not have her blog so I am gonna just type out and credit to her, in words. Maybe 1 day I will be able to find her blog. =)

340g Bread Flour***
50g Sugar
1Tbsp Yeast
1/2tsp Salt
210g Milk
40g Butter

Mix dry ingredients for 1 min
Add in Milk and knead into dough
Add in Butter last and knead til elastic and smooth. (Do the membrane test at this point)
Leave to proof for 1hour
Punch out air in dough, cut and divide and rest 15mins
Shape dough and fill with desired fillings, proof another 45mins
Brush with milk before baking
Bake at 180deg for 15-20mins or until bread surface is browned

***I added 100g Wholemeal + 240g Bread flour for the 2nd round. Will reduce a bit next round to work on the softness***

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