Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Yamie - Nasi Bryani & Yellow Curry

Yes, time to be lazy when I happen to be not in the 'mood'... Sometimes just wanna a easy way out. I do have premix, ready-to-eat conveniently at home on days that I want to be simple. Fuss-free, I would say. 
This fateful dinner, was sort of intrigued by hubby who say this Bryani Rice packaging on our weekly grocery shopping. So grab a Bryani version and Claypot version since it is on a promo again. Yes, very much tempted by all cheap bargains at supermarkets. Haha, and Did I mention? I got a Myojo Lor Mee Bowl cos of the same word - Promo again!! 
Anyway, let the picture do the talking. I just follow instructions on the packaging, idiot-proof cooking time. Just follow the steps and you won't go wrong. I simply microwave the rice, replace low-fat milk for coconut milk. And there it is, a simple dinner for 2. 
Taste wise, curry is yummy. Rice is average. Try it.

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