Thursday, August 30, 2012

Traditional baked mooncakes

Had a small order for baked mooncakes and tried out 2 recipes, the first one is from Anncoo and tried another from Christine. Anncoo's recipe smell heavenly and it's soft, but I think I spoil it cos I used a kitty mould, and my bristle too hard so resulting in a lot of scratches on the faces. So sad.
I tried again with Christine recipes 2nd round and didnt glaze it. It looks ok, just a little faint for the eyes and nose. Which I am praying hard that after it returns oil, it will darken and make the kitty more obvious. 
So I am sharing 2 traditional baked Mooncake recipe. And to note, I halve both recipes.
Traditional Baked Mooncakes ( recipe from Anncoo)
Makes 12 mini - 20g paste & 20g dough

225 Hong Kong flour (sifted)
130g Sugar syrup/golden syrup
12 x 20g Lotus paste
4g Alkaline water
65g Peanut oil

4 Salted egg yolks divide into halve

1. I mix sugar syrup, alkaline water & peanut oil in a bowl. Stir them well
2. Put flour in a metal bowl, make a well and add in the above mixture
3. Using a spatula, I mix them up to form a dough
4. Rest for 20mins
5. Weigh paste and roll into balls with the egg yolks in them
6. Weigh dough after 20mins and then wrap the ready paste
7. Mould and put in baking tray, sprinkle water and bake for 10mins in pre-heated oven
8. Cool for 10mins and glaze with egg (1yolk + 1tsp water)
9. Bake another 10mins. Store in airtight once cooled.

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